Battery 4 - Lack of True Acoustic Kits

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by CasperRosewater, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. CasperRosewater

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    In Battery 3 there existed 15 true acoustic kits but in Battery 4 there exists only 9 "acoustic kits" and a few of these are mis-categorized -- they are not true acoustic kits, leaving only 4 true acoustic kits. Why alienate acoustic producers from the flagship rhythm production instrument? The expectation is usually more, not less.

    Battery 4
    1. Beatbox Elliot (not acoustic)
    2. Dobie Kit (not true acoustic)
    3. Dub Remix
    4. Elektro Acoustic (not true acoustic)
    5. Gamillion (huh?)
    6. Garage
    7. Neubauten (not acoustic)
    8. Session
    9. Stadium

    Battery 3
    1. Basic
    2. Full Jazz
    3. GM
    4. Heavy Rock
    5. Heavy Rock Add-on
    6. Jazz Brush
    7. Multi Misc
    8. Multi Stick
    9. Old Jazz
    10. Pop
    11. Pop Add on
    12. Rock
    13. Soul
    14. Tight
    15. Vintage
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    It could very well be that NI relegated everything acoustic related to Kontakt, hence the Drummer series of libraries.
  3. CasperRosewater

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    Some of the Battery 3 kits that are missing in 4 seem to have been migrated to Maschine which is fine but why eliminate them and others from Battery? One of best features of Battery is the articulations (setup tab) and are found on no other NI drum instrument. Subjectively these articulations are of more use to (or apt to be used more by) an acoustic producer.

    For acoustic producers Battery actually lost functionality and value when it lost the acoustic kits from v3 to v4.