Battery owners for you the war is over

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by plopseaw, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. plopseaw

    plopseaw NI Product Owner

  2. kb123

    kb123 NI Product Owner

    Thats not necesarily true, if its not part of Komplete 8, it may continue as a separate product... The ads do look real .. wish they could be verified :)
  3. theoryzero

    theoryzero NI Product Owner

    The ads are supposedly in the Sept edition of Electronic Musician. For those not in the know, this is delivered via the Zinio e-reader software.

    Anyhow, I'm not sure how much can be inferred from the artwork, since there is a screenshot of Kore. :-S
  4. JamieOverton

    JamieOverton Forum Member

    Damn and I was just getting into Battery. I believe these new adverts are fake anyway. I see no interest myself in upgrading from 7 to 8. The only new thing I liked about theNI products was Razor and I bought that. Ipad 2 seems the future for music making for me, especially since you can get apps by Korg and Fairlight! Plus the synthstation from Akai with mpc pads and Live together is a real combination.
  5. plopseaw

    plopseaw NI Product Owner

    This looks like another bait and switch tactic from NI, stop putting in any real development and then discontinue.

    Can anyone recommend a good alternative. I've been looking at Toontrack Superior Drummer and Addictive drums as alternatives. The demo of Addictive drums is very good but there is no demo for ToonTrack. Anyone have preferences between these two.

    Of course I could use Kontakt 4 (or 5 judging by the advert) but after having so many products discontinued on me like B4, 53, Electric Pianos, Acoustic Pianos and the whole Kore line and expansion packs I'am looking to move away.

    Problem is I need both electronic and live drums. I know Toontrack has an electronic drum expansion has anyone used it.

    Ableton drum rack is also not bad but has anyone found a good source of well recorded drums/electronic drums.

    One thing I don't want is to have to load Maschine every time to make a beat and face that it will also be removed in due course.

    Its a shame really, NI seem to be imploding at the moment with just more offers on the packs rather than developing their core offering. Does anyone buy those packs at full price anymore?

    Any suggestions?
  6. JamieOverton

    JamieOverton Forum Member

    Ipad2 and Akai synthstation? Korg and Fairlight have brought out some great stuff and app are exploding at the moment with so much great stuff coming out.
  7. plopseaw

    plopseaw NI Product Owner

    Sorry Jamie,

    Love the iPad but what has that got to do with a Drum sampler? Anyone have any great suggestions for an alternative to Battery?


  8. Kevin63101

    Kevin63101 NI Product Owner

    Sure hope Kontakt 5 includes ALL of Battery's features, especially the GUI for setting up new kits.

    In the short term, at a minimum I'll count on Kontakt 5 to be able to continue import Battery 3 files.

    This could be a very positive thing if Kontakt 5 does this. If not, I'll be very sad ... Battery was my first NI purchase and it continues to be one of my favorite VSTs by NI or any company. But like I said, it could be a wonderful thing if it's fully integrated into Kontakt 5.

    Of course, this assumes Battery is gone .... or is it?
  9. ginko

    ginko NI Product Owner

    Motu BPM - I have just got it- it's amazing, really astonishingly good.
  10. b-righteous

    b-righteous Moderator Moderator

    NI already officially announced that Battery will not be discontinued in the near future. Plus, there is a picture of Battery in the lower right corner of the Komplete8 ultimate photo.
  11. Kruddler

    Kruddler Forum Member

    Here's my thoughts on NI development and battery. I'm a software engineer so I can see where they are coming from, and I can also see where they need to go long term.

    NI are a brand that people rely on. They havew been in the game for a long time, have a lot of talented people behind them. Reaktor is a great, well used platform for developing plugins. Battery, was a great tool out of the box, but when you stack it up against Maschine, it's nothing - just a bunch of kits that you can apply FX to.

    Here's my major problem with the Komplete package: There are too many components, and components which belong to other components. For example, several synths have their own set of FX which are separate plugins. Battery's FX can alll be achieved through other FX in the Komplete package, but are bundled in to one plugin.

    My point is this: it's not an integrated, easy to understand unit. It's a disparate collection of quality products that don't follow the same design philosophy, and have loads (and loads) of overlapping functionality. Battery is a good case in point.

    So, what NI needs to do is cut down the sheer number of products out there, and focus on getting the overlapping bits and pieces in to 3 or 4 main products. This will require upgradings certain platforms like Reaktor, Maschine, Kontact, and so on so that those platforms can soak up the functionality of the other bits and pieces. However, if NI continue to develop over 20 bits and pieces, they are wasting their own development time.

    I realise that from the customer's point of view, we have a product, and that product should be supported and maintained. But, I would like to see NI spending their development dollars on consolidating what's there, simplifying the product, and upgrading technology.

    So, in my opinion, it's not such a bad thing that they dump Battery. I haven't really found a use for it anyway (aside from the awesome samples that come with it).

    One thing that does annyo me though, is that once battery is gone, we'll all be expected to go out and buy Maschine. I'd prefer it if existing Battery owners got some kind of a discount on Maschine.
  12. EvilDragon

    EvilDragon Moderator Moderator

    But they won't dump Battery for quite a time to come.
  13. smithwessen

    smithwessen NI Product Owner

    Thomas@NI has already stated battery is not going nowhere any time soon.
  14. IlMolto

    IlMolto NI Product Owner

    Wow that looks awesome. Can't wait to see what Kontakt 5 will be like :)
  15. iain.morland

    iain.morland Forum Member

    This was exactly the problem that Kore was meant to solve! :confused:

    Great post, btw.
  16. Thomas @ NI

    Thomas @ NI Administrator NI Team

    This thread is closed because the original post has no merit. Please refrain from spreading haphazard rumors in the forum.
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