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Discussion in 'Feature Request' started by gillster11, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. gillster11

    gillster11 NI Product Owner

    Please add beatport link or tidal to Traktor Pro3 even if it means doing a bit of recoding so be it all other DJ platforms rolling this out
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  2. Dantrifone

    Dantrifone New Member

    Do you think this is ever going to happen. So seriously considering getting out of NI but a beatport link would keep me around for a little while..
  3. renan

    renan New Member

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  4. stevebutchjones

    stevebutchjones New Member

    NI you are taking too long to upgrade basic features DJ’s want, you should have had this ready to go at launch. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to take the jump to Serato, They seem to be more focused on what DJ’s need. Traktor was once great but now has fallen a long way behind, I hope the company troubles we've all read about get sorted and you get back on track.
  5. Jangla

    Jangla New Member

    Couldn't agree more. Every time there's a new release of Traktor I hope for something substantial but it's always just a handful of tiny bug fixes and nothing of any consequence that would drive the platform forward.
  6. franceis

    franceis New Member

    Agreed! Things like the crap internal filter remains untouched, no beatport link... the end of TP era was a bit ago..