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Best DJ Midi Controller

Discussion in 'General DJ Discussion' started by DJ ZigZag, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. DJ ZigZag

    DJ ZigZag New Member


    I'm looking to buy a DJ Control surface (with or without Audio interface since I already have a mAudio FW410 that I love) and I have a few opinion questions.
    First, should I look at the integrated control devices that have built in audio interfaces? Having a FW410, i don't really need one, but i think it would be nice to have one built into the DJ controller. Is the audio comparable to my FW410?
    Second, and I know this will arise a great debate on opinion about manufacturers, but among these options which is the best:
    DJ Tech iMix Reload
    Vestax VCI-100/300
    Numark Omni control
    Behringer BCD 2000
    mAudio X-Session Pro
    Hercules DJ Console rmx (my current front runner)

    Among these options above, which has the best mac integration, and which has the best/worst interaction with Traktor 3?

    Thanks for the help/opinions.
  2. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

    The Audio Quality stability and reliability of your FW410 will be superior considerably to any of the controllers you listed with built in soundcards.

  3. 96k

    96k Forum Member

    I've used a fair few now and I don't think you can go wrong with a VCI.
  4. John Alexander

    John Alexander Forum Member

    On the VCI 100 here... That's the only experience I have... Serves my purposes.
  5. tecxx

    tecxx NI Product Owner

    when i asked this question half a year ago on this forum, someone pointed me to http://www.faderfox.de

    and this was the best tip i ever got on a forum. i just love the DX2 unit!

    TUKINDZ New Member

    The answer depends on who you ask really, a lot of people are Vestax fans and, rightly so, the VCi-100 was awesome and the VCi-300 is even better.
    Of the list you provided there, the Vestax is probably the best in terms of consistantly producing high quality units, but of the few controllers I've tried, the Hercules is the best value for money. In fact, I just wrote a review on the Hercules that you might want to check out.

    If money isn't really an issue for you, I would advice you to pick up the Vestax VCi-300, but all things considered the Hercules Console RMX is a better cheaper choice, it intergrates with Traktor 3 right out of the box and it's pretty cool looking. You'll love it.
    VCi's cool too, but the RmX's a little cheaper and even though it does the same things.
  7. Weeddigger

    Weeddigger Forum Member

    As far as 300 vs. 100 goes... Woah... I actually don't agree that the 300 is any better than the 100 for my Traktor purposes. I believe the 100 is the better controller.

    DJ Tech Tools/Ean Golden did a nice review on them both, check this out:


    TUKINDZ New Member

    oh yeh I almost forgot about Ean's post. The VCi-300 didn't come out well in thta comparison.

    The Hercules RMX is still a much better option at the moment, I've always found Vestax's controllers a little too "slick" and looked a little toylike for my tastes, but hey, to each his own.
  9. Weeddigger

    Weeddigger Forum Member

    I have no experience with the new Herc, but it looks a lot better than most of the stuff out there, and it's less expensive too... Good amount of buttons, missing some knobs for me.
  10. tecxx

    tecxx NI Product Owner

    i'd say it primarily depends on one fact: do you use a hardware audio mixer? then a controller with eq's and line faders is probably not what you're looking for.
  11. froggy

    froggy Forum Member

    faderfox is very good.
    been using it for years...

    TUKINDZ New Member

    The Faderfox units don't look right, in fact they look more like music production tools to me, with all those knobs.

    A digital DJ set always feels empty without a jog wheel to me, I want complete control of my hardware, without HAVING to watch the screen while I work (It's hard to connect with your crowd if you're busy watching your screen and clicking on your mouse).

    Depends on what type of DJ you really are I suppose, but all things considered, the Hercules DJ Console RMX is still better.
  13. tecxx

    tecxx NI Product Owner

    still better for YOU.

    i wouldn't have use for the eq's, i wouldn't have use for the pitchfader, and i'd really hate the main volume slider in the middle ... too often i'd accidentially touch it, it happens to djs all the time when they use the pioneer600, guess why the 800 no longer has a "main" fader, but a small rotary positioned far away from the other faders.

    sorry, but "all things considered, the Hercules DJ Console RMX is still better" is very subjective to one's personal opinion and nothing more.
  14. surferrosa

    surferrosa NI Product Owner

    Tried a Hercules RMX (with Ecler mixer) but didnt think the sound quality was great.
    Now gone with a Xone 1d with lappie hooked up to a mackie d4pro and sound is great.
    Xone 1d cheaper than a Hercules and LOT cheaper than Vestax
  15. Huette

    Huette New Member

    I've been happy with the BCD 3000 for about a year now.
    It does what it should do and it's 100% Traktor optimized imho.

    But: I want to get rid of that ugly plastic look and those ugly faders etc. I'm not missing any knobs or functions, but as a friend of mine, whos budget is very low, needs to have a controller pretty urgent, i thought of buying a new one for me and giving him that bcd.

    I'm thinking about the Numark Omnicontrol or the Vestax vci 100. Price and build-in audiointerface are the advantages of the omnicontrol, big jog-wheels, nice "look and feel" are vci 100s.

    Now, my generally thought, as i want to update to traktor pro as soon as possible, is: will there be traktor PRO optimized controllers in near future and should i be happy with my bcd a little more OR should i choose between the two mentioned options? What do you think?

    I think Numark Omicontrol could be the best in "price-performance-ratio".
    Vci 100 + audio interface cost a lot of money.

    Tried Hercules RMX for a day and - sorry - it was just not the quality i was looking for. cheap faders. a "main volume"-Fader, which does not control the audiointerfaces volume, but just sends midi to the software. it felt like "a sheep in a wolfs clothing". i want to have a noticeable quality-upgrade to bcd.

    P.P.S.: the vci 100 with a build-in audiointerface would be perfect for my needs, i think. like a vci 300, but optimized for traktor, not for serato itch.

    P.P.P.S: i don't want to show off with a "cool a looking controller, (which actually does the same as a BCD 3000)". i just want to have fun, touching something that feels like quality.
  16. kaaos

    kaaos Forum Member

    faderfox is great i still use it for quick set up events but keep in mind your card or pc needs to have a MIDI port because fader fox does not have a USB port.

    VCI-100 blows away Hercules and x session which i have tried.
  17. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

  18. Huette

    Huette New Member

    Sorry, but that's not right. It comes with Virtual DJ and - i've never tried VDJ, but i think that - it's layout is very VDJ oriented.
    Maybe i should've took more time for RMX, but i think it's crap. At least for Traktor-Users.

    On that Faderfox-thing i agree with TUKINDZ.
    I'm missing the JogWheels. And i'm missing some space to breath. But they look kinda smart and like high quality.

    I think i'm going to wait until i have the chance to touch Omnitronic. Then i'm going to decide between Omnitronic and vci 100, although carrying another device (audiointerface) would bother me.
  19. bart3k

    bart3k New Member

    I have seen a friend of mine use the faderfox for a while until he decided that he really enjoyed the DJing and he invested in some CDJ-400's to get used to a club setup.

    I think the faderfox is a good way to get started for sure and then go from there as you get more familiar with it. You will be able to do some pretty cool stuff with that
  20. John Alexander

    John Alexander Forum Member

    The Torq Exponent has a ton of buttons and knobs, looks like it might do a good job. I think Ean Golden did a review on it at DJ Tech Tools.
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