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Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by DJ ZigZag, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    The Faderfox is amazing if you want a small controller for dropping in loops and controlling FX so you dont have to bash about on the laptop. Certainly not just a 'starter' unit as i use mine in conjunction with 2 x 1210s and 2 x CDJ1000mk3s . A bigger contoller with jog wheels can be completely unecessary you use decks.

    Its all about what 'you' need from a contoller.
  2. kaaos

    kaaos Forum Member

    there was a version of traktor that came bundled with Hercules but that was years ago. may of been 2.6
  3. mixarchitekt

    mixarchitekt NI Product Owner

    Allen & Heath Xone:1D or 2D are some of the best solutions relative to midi and d/a needs, especially when coupled with a great mixer. The build quality is much more solid than the many disposable plastic products on the market. I currently run a Xone:3D, and have also used a 1D/92/2D setup extensively. Once you define an efficient mapping, it's hard to consider anything else. The price point is incredibly attractive too.

    I feel they're used most effectively in context with an external mixer. You let analog circuitry of your mixer take care of input gain, eq, channel level, etc. and then have the 1D/2D control Traktor functions on a deep level. That way each component can work at what it does best.
  4. PJames

    PJames New Member

    Vestax VCM 600?

    I know this is being advertised as a Midi controller for ableton live, but i was wondering if anyone else has looked at this controller. there are so few midi only controllers with 4 channels and this would have plenty of faders, knobs, buttons, etc. I use Traktor Pro now, using a Numark Total Control and using the pitch faders as volume faders for decks c and d. this settup is very limited

    any thoughts from anyone on the vcm 600?
  5. imianwilliams

    imianwilliams NI Product Owner

    A mate of mine at work has just asked me the same question (Hello Carl, if you're reading this).

    I'm going to point him towards this thread, but here's the text of an email I've just sent him;

    midi controllers;

    These one's are all set up to use Traktor's internal mixer;

    Vestax VCI 100 - seems to be the controller of choice for a lot of people at the moment

    M audio torq xponent - Also includes soundcard. It's what I currently use, & I'm very happy with it. Only bad point possibly is it's quite large

    Numark Total control - similar to Vestax & Reasonably priced. I owned one for a while & really liked it.

    Numark - Omni control - New controller from Numark. Similar to Total control, but now has better build quality & includes internal soundcard

    Hercules - Cheap copy of the Vestax, but a lot of people on the forums who own them seem very happy with them. They do two versions, one with & one without a soundcard built in

    Reloop - Seems to be a copy of the Numark total Control. Again, two versions, ....with or without soundcard.

    M audio - X-Session Pro - Traditional mixer layout, & fairly cheap to buy. Also includes a free copy of Torq LE. I suspect that you'd soon run out of assignable buttons if you used it with Traktor

    Vestax VCM 100 - Slightly odd layout, as it uses rotary faders. does have onboard soundcard though.

    Vestax VCI 300 - Still a bit of an unknown at the moment. Designed to work with Serato's "Itch" software, but should be ok with Traktor (once they get the Hi-res midi problem sorted). Onboard soundcard, & excellent build quality.

    Fader Fox - I still own one of these, & they're excellent! Great if you're tight for space, but possibly short on buttons (like the X Session Pro). Uses standard midi cables rather than USB, but that's not a problem if your soundcard includes a midi interface (most of them do)

    If you're using an external mixer

    Stanton DaScratch - ask me in a few weeks time, after I've brought one! :)

    EKS Controllers. - Not sure about the new big "Otus", but a lot of people swear by the XP5's & XP10's. ......soundcard included as well.

    Allen & Heath Zone 1D & zone 2D - Serious kit! ....the 2D has the soundcard built in.

    Any other midi controller in the world. - Why not? you can configure your existing keyboard exactly how you like. I also own an M-audio Trigger Finger which I've used for DJing on several occasions.

    This site & it's forums are worth a read. Lots of good tips & comparison stuff.

    also, get yourself on the proper Traktor forums
  6. trankui

    trankui NI Product Owner


    I'm not a big fan of controller-only-setups myself, but I tested most of them out of sheer curiosity and the vestax units definitely stand out.
  7. CGDJ

    CGDJ Forum Member

    get a dascratch, I too was skeptical at first, hey who isn't. but this little guy has consistently amazed me with performance and endless options. It's funny that there are still people drooling over products like the otus when the dascratch is right here already. It's got more buttons than you could probably ever need. It'll fit right in your laptop bag. And yes, you can scratch with it. It's almost too good. Don't waste your time with that other junk(VCI-100 not junk) but a Herc? the soundcard is a joke, and no touch sensitive, it's a waste of money. If you r looking to upgrade from a bcd, then something touch sensitive is what you want. And for sound, I think they make indigo dj cards in expresscard now. Here's a vid of my dascratch. No external soundcard, just laptop internal(saving for an rme, ya know)
  8. Lancellot

    Lancellot NI Product Owner

    hmmm...I really need to check DaScratch out.
    I admit that I am skeptical as well.
    Maybe I should overcome my fear. :lol:
  9. davepermen

    davepermen NI Product Owner

    i love my faderfox.

    i'm interested in the dascratch, looks .. special...
  10. Dj Kad

    Dj Kad NI Product Owner

    I love my xponent...i'm going to buy another one and i will use them for play 4 decks connected in a external 4 channel mixer :)
  11. cagey

    cagey New Member

    I'm also looking for a controller for Traktor Po and I've seen some good advice on here, so thanks guys.

    However, all of the controllers seem to be geared towards two internal decks/channels. I want to use four (internal) channels, with easy access to loops, fx & eq for each channel.

    I know I will probably have to do some manual assignment, but I'm older than you lot and its looks pretty daunting. Does anyone know which of the controllers in this thread would be the closest to meet my needs out of the box? Then I would look to make manual adjustments as I feel more confident.

    Many thanks.
  12. elefanc

    elefanc Forum Member

    Yes for the moment VCI-100 seems to be the only option.
    When Native Instruments would produce themselve a good controller ? Their 2 audio soundcards are fantastic, i dream of their controller.
  13. Huette

    Huette New Member

    I've become a VCI-100 fan, too.
    Using it with Traktor Pro, Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 (audiointerface) and Sony Vaio VGN-NR38Z (notebook) since october and i had no errors or like that.
    Having two fx-sections on the vci would be very cool, but switching between deck a and deck b with one fx-section works, too.


    #1: Vestax VCI-100 (80 pts.)
    #2: Behringer BCD3000 (50 pts.)
    #3: Hercules RMX (30 pts.)
  14. groovemixer

    groovemixer Forum Member

    im loving my ecler evo 5, but its a bit pricey
  15. Pedro Vidigal

    Pedro Vidigal New Member

    Hey guys, nice thread..
    I'm considering buying a M-Audio Xponent to use with my new MBP and I was wondering if there would be any conflicts.
    Dis any of you who have tested it had any problems.. latency or sometihng?

    tks guys!
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