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Best way to beat match and transition from low to high BPM and vice versa

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by joemann002, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. joemann002

    joemann002 New Member

    So I just started using my DJC4 controller and Traktor Pro software. So the question I have is regarding beat matching and transitioning from one BPM to the next (whether you are going up or down). For example if I start my set with a song at 130 bpm on Deck A and then I want to pick it up and my next rack on Deck B is at 134 bpm I noticed that if I hit the "Sync" button on the controller it will make the bpm of the 2nd to 130. So after I load another track into Deck A again and when I hit sync (even if the bpm on that track is 134) it will go down to 130 bpm again. So song after song I would be stuck at that same bpm.

    I guess my question is how do you start to transition from low bpm songs to higher bpm songs when you keep using the sync button and it drops the bpm to the lower bpm? What is the best technique or method to do transitions here to make it smooth and pick up the bpm from song to song?

    I was using a software called MixMeister Fusion which you can drop in tracks after each other (at various bpms) and it would automatically keep them in sync when going from like 134 bpm to 138 bpm. They way it worked was it would start to increase the bpm at the tracking that was ending to start matching the new track, but it did it in a way that kept the mix in sync and you did not realize it. I'd like to achieve the same thing now with my controller and Traktor Pro software.

    If anyone can give me some pointers that would be great.
  2. SlvrDragon50

    SlvrDragon50 Forum Member

    You use your current track as the master and the incoming track as sync. This changes the BPM of the second track to match the current track.

    You can mix it in using various methods. Youtube is your friend here.
  3. joemann002

    joemann002 New Member

    But if in Deck A the bpm is 130 and when I hit the sync button on my controller the song on Deck 2 (original bpm at 134) will match the bpm of deck A so it will be 130 as well whereas I want to move up the bpm to 134 (bpm on Deck 2). So now Deck 2 is also at 130bpm and then loading 3rd track say that one is at 136 I hit sync on that deck and it will sync to 130 as well. So it will constantly be at that original 130 bpm that track 1 started.

    What is the best way to gradually increase the bpm from song to song and be a smooth transition. Should I use the pitch slider to move the second song to 134 after I got them synced and track 2 is playing? Any other suggestions would be helpful.
  4. jdownesbaird

    jdownesbaird Forum Member

    Here's one way to do it. Track A is playing at 130 bpm and it's your master track, like you said, and track B's normal tempo is 134 bpm. Toward the end track A (or gradually over the entire track if you like) adjust the tempo up to 134 bpm, then begin playing track B. Make your transition, and then make track B your master tempo. Now track B is playing at it's natural tempo, and you can sync it with the next track. Use keylock during this process if you like, then turn keylock off once you get to the natural bpm to save processing power and preserve audio quality.

    Alternatively, you can keep track A at 130 bpm, and transition to track B. Then, make track B the master and adjust the tempo accordingly.

    Finally, you can make track B the master DURING the transition between songs, and then adjust the tempo so that it reaches its native bpm before the track really kicks in.

    In other words, sync just syncs the tempos between decks. It doesn't mean you can't change the tempo of the master deck.
  5. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    yup, i'm also using the master clock and am syncing all decks to it and just raise or lower the master clock tempo.