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Beta 3.5.2 279 Uploaded

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO PUBLIC BETA TEST' started by Jonas C @ NI, Sep 7, 2021.

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  1. Jonas C @ NI

    Jonas C @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Dear Traktorists,

    We are happy to present the first TRAKTOR beta to integrate the Beatport and Beatsource Offline Locker. With version 3.5.2, Beatport and Beatsource LINK tracks can be stored locally on your computer and played on TRAKTOR without an internet connection.

    We’d first like to thank all of you for your ongoing feedback and bug descriptions. We intend to continue working closely with this community in order to build the DJ software we all dream of.

    As you may have guessed, we’ve already started looking into the compatibility of TRAKTOR PRO 3 with macOS 12 and Windows 11. Things are looking rather good at this time, but we need to extend our testing to a much larger group of users to gain more confidence.

    We’ve also started to fix some of the most commonly reported bugs in the current version and will continue to do so throughout this beta cycle:

    Changelog (version 3.5.2 279):
    • NEW : Beatport and Beatsource Offline Locker
    • NEW : Beatport and Beatsource files relocation to the user’s Application Support (macOS), the user’s App Data (Windows)
    • FIXED : Freeze/delay when loading .mp3 tracks into a deck or into the preview player
    • FIXED : Crashes when loading certain .flac files

    Upcoming fixes on our list:
    • Add tracks to Offline Locker via drag&drop or via context menu in TRAKTOR playlists
    • Offline Locker icon in the icon column of the browser
    • CDJ 3000 / XDJ1000 cue point drifting and lag when scratching
    • Some users are still not able to play Beatport tracks

    Test focus:
    • Offline Locker general usage (online and offline)
    • Loading and playing tracks (especially .flac and .mp3)
    • TRAKTOR usage in new operating systems like MacOs 12 and Windows 11

    Forum Policies:
    If you are new to the Public Beta Test, please read the Forum Policies first.

    Filing Bugs:
    As usual, when filing a bug, please:
    • Check if you are on the latest beta version (we may release new betas every week)
    • Check if the issue is already listed in the “known issues” section of the attached PDF
    • Try to reproduce the bug first in the current version (3.5.1)
    • Describe your setup and the circumstances of the issue as precisely as possible
    • You can use the NI Support Tool, to collect all relevant information about your system and attach it to your bug report.

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