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Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by coughlinkelly, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. coughlinkelly

    coughlinkelly New Member

    I'm having problems integrating Maschine into ProTools 8 and I find the documentation lacking BIG TIME on this subject. Forums have not been helpful at all. Considering ProTools is the "Industry Standard" I would have expected a lot more details on using this device in ProTools.
  2. dolomick

    dolomick New Member

    I second that. I have been asking around here and have not received very detailed responses on whether or not it is possible to record myself changing scenes in realtime into ProTools from Maschine, not from a second midi controller. The manual addendum doesn't give real world examples of how some of the new midi features should actually be used.
  3. unknown stranger

    unknown stranger NI Product Owner

    i dont think this is possible right now without recording from a second midi controller (or maschine in controller mode) or drawing the program change information into your daw. lets hope v1.5 will finally solve this and let us record pattern changes, mutes and so on, not only knob movements.

    PHROZEN716 BUFF. NY Forum Member

    There a user forum guy name barryfell....who claims he got it to work for his DAW....I ask him to list step by step instruction.....Maybe a how to tutorial on YouTube...... With each step it's section 4.2 on the 1.1 update manual addendum SOUND MIDI BATCH SETUP.....I FOLLOWED WACH STILL NO LUCK!
  5. SunniesBOY

    SunniesBOY New Member

    i agree big time with this! we need help intergrating with our daw! this should be huge subject as ive had maschine for months and still have not figured away to run it side by side with my daw! its kind of discouraging!

    I like maschine but this part sucks...

    thats y i like the bpm time line i WISH maschine had something like this! but i like maschine wayyyy better as far as hands on feel!

    just my 2
  6. flux302

    flux302 NI Product Owner

    I agree with this as well... would love to see detailed vids of LOGIC and of abelton LIVE ....

    maybe even one that shows controlling AU plug ins in logic......

    ohhhh burn lol.
  7. mistlabz

    mistlabz Forum Member


    There is no no documentation about the DAW integration for maschine
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