better KKmk II MIXER page support for Cubase etc

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    It would be so so much more useful if the MIXER page actually displayed and reflected the channels currently being shown in the CUBASE mixer views

    in Cubase and other DAWS it is common to hide tracks or use folders to selectively only show certain tracks or instrument channels.

    But instead Komplete Kontrol mkII. just seems to show everything.

    This is an issue when one is working with very big templates or projects.

    I don't know if this is a stwinberg problem ( ie API related ) or. NI - but either way. the current MIXER view is only of any use for projects worth a tiny amount of tracks.

    With DAWs like Cubase we also have the ability to only show MIDI tracks or audio tracks or instrument tracks. the Cubase MIXER can do this. but it would be so so much useful if KK mkII would also reflect the current state of the Cubase mixer view.

    I might only want to edit MIDI volumes, or only audio inputs or only instrument channels etc etc.

    either way currently one has to do tons of paging to get to the right control. Not ideal.

    Not optimum.
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    Her's the thing...
    Cubase's hidden tracks actually do not show in the keyboard IF you use the "Full Mixer" (f3) but if you use the smaller "Lower Zone Mixer" then the tracks will still show up. Ideally, It would be nice if there was an option to have both mixers linked and show the same stuff but this is a Cubase thing, so consider suggesting changes in the Steinberg forum.
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    Already done - here :
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