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Black Friday Sales?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Mannas, Nov 17, 2020.

  1. mickeyl

    mickeyl NI Product Owner

    Ah, pity. I was in for a KK49mk2, but waited till BF to save some. Oh, well. Thanks for the info.
  2. djadidai

    djadidai NI Product Owner


    I need some help. Im browsing through expansions (a jungle) and i’d like to find an expansion or two who are great for minimalistic house or dub techno. Not necessarily the drums, but dubby chords and pads n stuff like that. which ones would you recommend? Peace
  3. Et_Voila

    Et_Voila NI Product Owner

    I unfortunately let two $25 vouchers
    Beating you up : I'm at 3 :) Maybe more :/
    I deserve it I guess.
    Frustrating...These things should be valid some 2/3/4 months longer : You buy some, you get overwhelmed so much the libs or whatevber is huge...
    I personnaly get lost, time pass, and hop: After serials, install and all things, I forget, each time, nearly.
    Super bummer.
    I've missed the free reverb too :/ This is bad : RAUM :/

    "Ok guys.."


    You can search "Combo Junglecore 3" in the browser in the NI's Soft, you'll fall onto a group kit made by Pendulum* if I'm correct.
    The Kit / Group is named: Kick Junglecore

    Otherwise ? For NI...
    - Renonant Blaze.
    - Decoded Form
    - Drop Squad
    (there's surely more...)
    These things are more toward D.N.B., but...
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  4. Johnny Heinrich

    Johnny Heinrich New Member

    I got 2 vouchers for 2 expansions which I can't use during the sales. It says they are not applicable to the offers on the checkout page.
  5. djadidai

    djadidai NI Product Owner

    How is Steve Lawlers expansion? Worth it? I dont need loops and there’s no massive or monarch presets. What does it come with?