Blinking LED / Beat Phase in TP3

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    Hi guys, what's up?

    I just wondering, in Traktor 2 there was the option Beat Phase which results in a blinking LED on my Xone K2. It seems that this option isn't available on TP3 as I can't find it anymore.

    How can I map a blinking LED within Traktor Pro 3? The tutorials I followed for version 2 seems not to work for me.
  2. Tijn71

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    The command beat phase should still be available in Pro 3. It can be found under: Add Out - Deck common

    Printscreen TP36.JPG

    This is a mapinig for the F1. But mapping it to the Xone K2 should not be much different I guess. Hoop dat dit helpt.
    Printscreen TP35.JPG
  3. Sûlherokhh

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    Beware, the K2's LED's are not as responsive as the F1's are.
    A: They are switches and have no brightness setting.
    B: If you want to switch from one colour to the next, you have to turn off the LED first (with a few exceptions).
  4. Stevan

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    I have K2 and the same concept works fine.

    min = 0
    max = .25
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    Thanks all for your help!
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