Blinksonic's frustrating presets issue.... ?

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by killmaster, May 10, 2018.

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    I recently purchased Blinksonic's SUBSTANZ and it appears that I can either have the ability to save snapshots OR use their NKS mappings but not both. When I make it editable, I lose the mappings and using the default ensemble, I'm not allowed to add snapshots cause editing is locked. I've written to them about this several weeks ago but have no response.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can do this?
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    I think I figured out a workaround! Sorry if this is so basic. I took the editable version (from dragging the ensemble into a new blank ensemble) and just renamed it to the originals name and it worked!! Hope this doesn't create other issues down the road for the mappings!

    I would still be curious how others work around this issue/feature where the NKS info is saved into the presets.
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    I recently bought Aetonz and can't seem to even access edit mode - that the heck is going on here? It should be accessible to full Reaktor users, otherwise how are you supposed to save snapshots?
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    Yeah, ouch! But, wait!

    I started another thread on this a while back, full of gripes and wailing after finding the same thing with some Heavyocity buys. The whole snaps/players/protect-devs thing certainly IS a mess, even leaving out the NKS stuff, which doesn't affect me, so I don't know anything about that part. But at the end of that thread Sylvain from Blink. stepped up with essentially your solution, Greg; to date I don't know of a better one (and yeah it IS basic; I'm still a bit ashamed not to have figured it out myself!). Here's what he said:

    Hi !
    To make things clear about my ensembles since the Reaktor Player update..
    To all early users that own the full version of Reaktor, you must know that, even with "edit" locked, it’s still possible to use the following features:

    - save / load your own snapshots and snapshot banks
    - save / load your own sample banks via the "sample map manager"
    - include multiple Blinksonic instruments in a single instance of Reaktor 6

    Below the instructions :

    - open a new ensemble in R6
    - click on "Edit"
    - in the structure of the ensemble, right click and choose "import ensemble »
    - choose Ruidoz, Substanz, Voz or Aetonz, from their original location - the one you choose during install and register.
    OR drag n drop the ensemble from the player library to the ensemble structure..
    Here's the whole thread if you want to suffer through that, too; many POVs and info, though I don't recall any NKS info:

    I haven't bought any new 3rd-party Reaktor ensembles since then that I can recall, but I haven't heard of any others going NoEDIT besides those already mentioned in the old thread. I was worried for a while that Sylvain's post would lead to even that work-around being "fixed", but so far so good and I've settled back into loving every-Reaktor-body mode once again; feels much better:)
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  5. killmaster

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    Thanks David! I do hope there is some resolution to all this. perhaps allowing presets or snapshots to be independent of the mappings.