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    In the world of technology, there are few products as diverse in shape and color as the acclaimed wireless speakers. That's right, we are talking about portable speakers that, once connected via Bluetooth to your mobile phone, can play music at a higher volume and quality than the mobile device's speakers. support.

    This is an extremely competitive field that forces brands to get creative. Some manufacturers bet on flashy design, others prefer to appreciate sonic power, and some even go so far as to invent a floating device. There's so much to choose from that it's almost impossible not to find one that suits your personal taste - and of course, has a retail price that fits your pocket.

    Luminus, by Brazil C3 Tech, stands out in the market for being more than just a Bluetooth speaker - it also acts as a pretty lamp that you can keep on your nightstand or on any table in your room. We had a chance to test the product for a few days (and all night) to find out if it was worth paying R$229 for it; Check out our impressions.
    The price is reasonable and I have tried it quite well,
    if you already use it, you can listen to more songs at
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