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Bounce lock state to Group Pattern.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Bonus Beats, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats NI Product Owner

    It would be pretty cool if you were able to capture all mutes and modulations stored on a lock states pad and bounce those down to a new pattern in that group.

    This could help to generate idea by using lock states and then put them into a more solidified live performance routine.

    Currently it feels like lock states can be constricting in a live performance scenario in the sense that its more of a "go back to button" instead of it being an option to jump froward or progress in a live arrangement scenario this poses limitations.
    I know it was meant to be a "go back in time" button or a safe reverse but it has more potential then just being a one trick pony.
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  2. Nii-Teiko

    Nii-Teiko NI Product Owner

    this is a good point. you can't actually bounce a lock state out like you can a pad or a group can you?
  3. Bonus Beats

    Bonus Beats NI Product Owner

    well if you have the lock state playing on loop then sure you can but no morphing or anything but that wasn't my point... my point was, for instance, mute a bunch of parts then have a command that will bounce only the midi events that were not muted to a new pattern thus creating the lock state on a new pattern also modulations would be written into that new bounced pattern and have the morphing actions written in as well.
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  4. Psyearth5

    Psyearth5 NI Product Owner

    It will be on Maschine 3 I'm shure, for now you can record it and before that do a mix and you'll be Shure that it would sounds like it should or you can cearful plan every move and...maybe it is better to plan cos than you have to be calm and you'll be much more focused. That is a solution, creative solution and you can try with comercial sample loops and lock states, resoults would be amazing and planing and slow workflow is hard but it get easy as you work this way, mix first than lock states or another maybe soud modulation than in new project new lock states and steb by step you'll come to great results