Broadcasting to a shoutcast server: Solved

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by constantG, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. John L

    John L New Member

    Thanks Mr. Lee, but......

    Sorry Mr. Lee. But the problem we have is with shoutcast. I have heard that Icecast is more popular in Eurpoe, just like Traktor is from what I read. Could that be the reason we have no Shoutcast. If that is the case, that really sucks and says alot about the company. Long live Virtual DJ, here I come.
  2. Mr_Lee

    Mr_Lee New Member

    ive had vdj for a while, but i really do prefer one particular reason, i just do.

    that being said, I have traktor broadcasting to icecast2, on the 1 pc, my internet pc is then picking up the stream on port 8000 with winamp, i then have edcast(oddcast) dsp plugin in winamp recoding to mp3 and rebroadcasting at port 8002 via my wireless router. so in effect i am broadcasting to the web with a computer that isnt actually online at all.

    audio pc is connected to internet pc via lan...and internet pc is wireless to the router/modem...two separate networks
    if this setup resembles what any of you are trying to do, i am happy to post up the settings i have used..

  3. FntX

    FntX New Member

    I'm using SAM right now. It simply works as expected, also on sc_trans servers (where title streaming does not work at all -- but who cares...)
    The main reason why i use SAM is that the Mic works perfectly and the voice-over function is flawless....

    Nonetheless I would pay for extra license fees (MP3) just to get native shoutcast support (+talk-over -- would also be nice to have). Thats my point of view since others have this support too but for now I'm happy with SAM Broadcaster.
  4. Turbologic

    Turbologic New Member

    I Make Everything Like The Constan Tell And The Stream Transcoder
    Writes Unable To Connect To Socket...Anyone Knows What Is Going Wrong?
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