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Broadcasting Traktor 3.4.1 on Icecast

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by erison, Dec 6, 2009.

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  1. erison

    erison New Member

    Hello I've been using Traktor since 2005, and i know the Traktor very well, but i am completely new broadcasting with it on Icecast.

    i got the setup from icecast.org and i runed on my laptop, but it seems too hard for me to fix it on the net server, i just want to share my live set on the net, but what i said it seems to hard to set up the right things. i also tryied to ask people in the icecast forum but for some reason that i dont know i could not register on it.

    if somebody there can help me to fix the right setup for the IceCast Metadata Settings on Traktor, like the server of the Stream Directory (http://dir.xiph.org) Please

    thank u 4 ur time

    sorry for my english
  2. DjDef

    DjDef NI Product Owner

    Proxy Setting: Use Default Proxy

    Proxy Address: Your Router IP

    Port: 8000

    Icecast Server Settings
    Address: localhost

    Port: 8000

    Mouth path: / (write your dj nickname or anything you want to that recognize your “station”) e.x if you are DJ TONGA, you could write /DJTONGA

    Password: By default the password for icecast is: hackme

    Format: Depends on your internet connection (your upload) I use Ogg Vorbis, 44100, 64kBits/s

    So the IP that you are broadcasting to is:

    Your IP address (find it from what is my IP):8000/DJTONGA (if you are Dj Tonga!)

    e.x: http://94.55.555:8000/DJTONGA

    Icecast Metadata Settings
    Write anything you to display on icecast

    So, give the address to anyone who wants to listen your set to load it to a media player, I prefer BS Player (free) (maybe it’s the only reliable player for these things).
    Sorry for my English and I hope it helps!

    But first of all you should "unlock" the 8000 port from your router!
  3. erison

    erison New Member

    first of all thank u for ur reply

    i did everything ok, but still have trouble.

    i have a BILLION VoIP ADSL2+ Firewall Router
    on the Config. Virtual Server unblocked (Port Forwarding) the port 8000. what is this kind of connection anyway? coz i have options like Aplication Protocol (Example FTP SSH TELNET SMTP HTTP_Server etc etc)
    on the Traktor i did:

    (Default Proxy) proxy adress router ip checking from CMD: ipconfig) Port 8000

    IceCast Server Settings

    Adress Port 8000
    Mount Path /erisontest.ogg
    Pass hackme
    Ogg Vorbis, 44100 64 kbps

    now on my local network i can listen it
    if i do
    but i can not listen anything on external ip
    in my case http://92.xx.xx.xxx:8000/erisontest.ogg

    i dont understand what is wrong
  4. DjDef

    DjDef NI Product Owner

    What media player do you use?
    Try BS player which surely plays ogg files

    Make sure that you enabled to your router tcp and udp for the ip you added.
    Another thing..you can't listen! That's for sure!You can not play and listen at the same time with the same pc!
  5. erison

    erison New Member

    it has been resolved, the problem it was on my firewall. i forgot to put the Traktor on the firewall exceptions list of my laptop.
    now sounding great, but i must upgrade my network, i have an ADSL2 2Mega but i got 100 listneres already, and the net gonne out of the control. trying to play with 192kbps coz the sound it was so clear, of course using ASIO drivers with 64 samples and 48000Hz which it means 1.0 ms low latency (the best one that it does exist i think)
    so i hope to have a "cristal sound" playing on the net, lets see

    Thank u for ur help my friend. it was really helpful
    now the only problem its that every time that i change the track, must refresh dhe server page because it stop
  6. tlearyus

    tlearyus New Member

    i have another related problem using icecast and tracktor pro 1.2.4

    everything works fine with internal tracktor mixing but not external. ( the stream works but no volume)

    have added TCP ports 8900-8901 to port frwding in my router

    what UDP ports need adding to router ?

    PS: very useful thread
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