Bug: Battery dont trigger in low frequencies range anytime and destructive editing

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by NIMichi, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. NIMichi

    NIMichi NI Product Owner

    I dont trigger bassdrum and bass samples anymore with Battery, just other percussions. Sometimes the sample is triggered but the whole bass is not audible. I dont know why (no filter, EQ or other setting is applied), but it happens from time to time if using samples with low frequencies. If it is looped, it happened too. I tried everything: dry signal without any external and internal effects and using different bassdrum samples, but it happens again and again.

    The other bug: If I edit samples destructive in the Editor Tab, Battery ask me again and again where i want to save the sample even if I tell it where to save. Isnt it better to define in the preference that it will be saved with the host project?
    Ok, this I reported already, but now the new thing I realized: If I save it and if I reload the project, the edited sample is gone! It is a blanc cell without any sample! All the settings and the samples are gone! The same in Kontakt, destructive editing is not possible because it is not saved with the host and it ask me everytime I edit a little bit. It is a mess.