Bug Reports for Traktor Pro 2.5.1 (NO Ranting please!)

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by electronicmaddness, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. deejayzett

    deejayzett New Member

    - Every now and then, the screen just freezes with no apparent reason. Luckily the sound is not affected. I just wait and fear for Traktor to shut-down.

    - The files in browser are blinking.

    - When I use the slider to the right in browser with my mouse, sometimes it keeps following the mouse even after I have released the button. I have to press the button again to let go.

    - In 2.5.1 (and 2.5) it takes at least double amount of time to import new tracks.

    - Analyzing tracks seems much slower (2.5 and 2.5.1)
  2. frankle

    frankle NI Product Owner

    So it's working fine now ... Not sure what was going on.

    Playing tracks last night for my daughter's 8th birthday (about 4 hours) and it seemed to work fine, althought I'm a bit over One Direction and LMFAO, lol.
  3. yves707

    yves707 New Member

    maybe the same bug:
    when i activate loops via midi (xone:4d) te track jumps to some other location, usually at the beginning of the track. didnt have that before.
    sometimes when using midi via xone:4d window focus jumps to another app! never had this before neither...
  4. Keuss

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    COVER ART: picture file size is too big

    I have an issue with 2.5.1 which i didn't had before with 2.1.3: Traktor tells me when importing from iTunes new tracks in collection, "ERROR: COVER ART: picture file size is too big"

    I have to mention it's only when importing in collection because using the right click "import cover" with 1000 px covers works.

    Didn't know what it really means; If it's about resolution/pixels sizing or Kilobit/Mbit weight limitation? Is this new?

    Most of my tracks in iTunes have 1000x1000 px or more, so it's a real issue, making me many unwanted steps of copy/paste/resizing/export/import embed pictures in workflow, considering it was working fine before.

    I hope this could be fixed in next update. ;)
  5. chrisbounce

    chrisbounce Forum Member

    I'm having this prob too.
  6. Mistere Phobose

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    Great! Big window settings.

    Screen Shot 2012-07-29 at 22.35.24.png
  7. nerdman

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    I'm running 2.5.1 on mountain lion and I'm having problems importing and exporting the settings. everytime I try to do it Traktor crashes. anyone else with these problems?
  8. NZN

    NZN New Member


    No major issues with 2.5.1 so far when using with MBP i7 Quad Core running on 10.7.4 (Clean Installation) + S4 for 3 hours, tried 4 decks mixing, some nice new features but yet to encounter any deal breaker for me. Fingers crossed. Will report if any issues surface the next few days.

    Thanks to the Team @ NI
  9. The Syndrome

    The Syndrome NI Product Owner

    I am using MBP 2.7 Core i7 8GB with 10.7.4, TRPO 2.5.1 with Pioneer DJM850, Timecodes (latest version) and X1.

    Had an issue where I could not reset the tempo of a deck using the tempo reset button, the TPRO tempo slider was all the way to the bottom so the 128BPM track was playing at 150, could not move the slider, the other deck was playing normally. Also, could not switch from Relative to Absolute, the button did not work. Also, loading a track in deck B caused Deck A to stop playing (during a live set).
  10. princesultan

    princesultan Forum Member

    Wait a sec... How did you make the controller manager window bigger?
  11. Mistere Phobose

    Mistere Phobose Forum Member

    In the bottom right corner. I myself was surprised!
  12. DJ Big Blender

    DJ Big Blender New Member

    (How) does this new synchronization funtion work?

    Hi again,
    I posted this as a new seperate thread, but I think it belongs to this excisting thread about 2.5.1.



    (How) does this new synchronization funtion work?


    Hi all,

    In the 2.5.1. release notes I read (under the TRACK DECKS chapter) that this new future would be added;

    "Synchronization no longer ignores second and following grid markers."

    Actually this was the functionality that I have been waiting for, because (in my opinion) what else is the use of setting a 2nd, 3rd,... beatmarker?

    So I thought it would be working right away, but... no. I could detect any different behaviour compare to 2.5.1. and before.

    Can someone tell me wheater I am doing something wrong or is everyone having this issue?

  13. DJ MiCL

    DJ MiCL Moderator Moderator

    Hi DJ Big Blender, welcome to the forums.

    Cross posting is against the forum rules, so please be careful when you make a new thread. You want to do a search first to see if there is a good thread where your post belongs, and only make a new one when there is none.

    To answer your question, yes, you are doing something wrong.

    Try a stark example to see how the 2nd beat marker works.

    For example, place the 1st beat marker on the beat, and then after 32 beats or so, place a 2nd beat marker right in between the two beats, where the hi-hat would be in a house or techno track.

    Play with sync on with another playing deck or the clock being the Master.

    You will see that the two tracks will be in sync to start with, but then will fall out of sync after the second beat marker. In BeatSync mode you will actually hear the two tracks get out of sync, and in TempoSync mode you will just see the phase meter drift out of sync on the deck you have manipulated the beat markers.
  14. princesultan

    princesultan Forum Member

    wow it's really not obvious eh, lol. thanks.
  15. Simonej

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  16. kiteon

    kiteon Forum Member

    Traktor is freezing left right and center when attempting to load or analyze wav and mp3's.

    W7 64
    16/24 44kz/48khz files
    mp3 of various formats won't load either
  17. BiCho_Tf

    BiCho_Tf Forum Member

    I wasn't able to reproduce this bug, at least with the vinyl tagging you describe.

    Anyone else?
  18. electronicmaddness

    electronicmaddness NI Product Owner

    i'm sorry i don't get your REAL point? first of all…i have no idea why this was directed at me…which post of mine is this in reference to?

    second...you directed me to a page which lists bugs both fixed & unfixed but seems to be last updated for version 2.5…most of the bugs related to that version have already been fixed…and this thread is for people who who find anything that might have come up in the CURRENT version

    so again…what was the point of pointing that link at me?
  19. NIO-1

    NIO-1 New Member

    Hi, I just upgraded from Traktor Scratch Pro 2.1.3 to 2.5.1 and have noticed some glitchiness that I used to get on Traktor 3.4. I notice in in Audio DJ 4, Core Audio and running with CDJ-400s occasionally. I am a little concerned. It's a 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo, but it only has 2 GB Ram, I might max it out.

    I switched from a VCI-100 and got a good deal on a two CDJ-400s and a DJM-700 Mixer and love the set up. I recently got Scratch and updated it today. It is super cool and fun. I managed to set up an Aggregate Device with the two CDJ400s as one soundcard which was super cool and it is/was working really well and seems to map it super good except for one problem, the tempo sliders on the CDJ seems to be mapped to the "Gain" on the B channel and while I got pretty proficient in Programming the .tks files in Traktor 3.4 I don't find it obvious how to do it in Traktor Pro 2.5.1 (i.e. I don't see "Gain" in the MIDI) file to unselect, any suggestions or recommendations anyone else has in this case. I have only DJ'd at a club once and it's nervewracking trying to do the switch in a minute, it seems with the new support just using the CDJs as controllers/soundcards without the in and out audio rigamarole from the CDJ to the Audio Card to the mixer is going to make it a lot easier, more powerful and exciting. If anyone has a good .tks (or whatever they are called in this version) for the VCI-100 to run the C/D decks on the Remix decks that would be awesome (can't drop any more $$$ on equipment!)
  20. djdeebo

    djdeebo Forum Member

    Dude, this is not a bug. Forget about snapshots. you have to map your device a little more!
    Use the "FX STORE PRESET" command. Store preset is going to provide your effect to auto engage/change when ether on hold or toggle, when you want to change and engage effect at same time.

    Add in command FX Store Preset to all Instant effect buttons and you are good to go.
    Of course, you need to set it to corresponding FX unit for effect slot you are mapping to it.

    The command existed before 2.50 but you probably never really needed before this version.