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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DJ Freshfluke, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. DJ Freshfluke

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    hi y'all!

    this thread is meant as a place for your auctions etc.

    so, if you have sth to sell - put it here!

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  2. mexicannnnnn

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  3. mexicannnnnn

    mexicannnnnn NI Product Owner

    Anyone got a midi controller not being used? I'm just looking for a crappy one to test out with fs2.
  4. phatspider_Tf

    phatspider_Tf Forum Member

    Wanted FS1 - UK

    As per subject.

    Get in touch

  5. Dijibuddha Magnetik

    Dijibuddha Magnetik NI Product Owner

    Roland DJ-2000 mixer FS

    I have a Roland DJ-2000 mixer for sale.
    Everything works fine and it is in cosmeticly decent shape.
    For $500 Cad I will ship it anywhere in Canada.
    I am open to any other offers or trades.

    I am located in western Canada,though not near any urban centre so pickup is unlikely.

    cosmosis at telus dot net

    or for quicker response
    islandboy2k3 at

    (at=@ dot=.)
  6. discobiscuit

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  7. homeboy303

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  8. Andrew Duke Cognition

    Andrew Duke Cognition NI Product Owner

    modded 606 and tascam dat machine

    i'm in halifax ns canada and have a modded 606 drum machine and a tascam dat machine to sell. i'm interested in selling them because i don't use them anymore. email me on for more info.
  9. mexicannnnnn

    mexicannnnnn NI Product Owner

    You should post prices for people
  10. Andrew Duke Cognition

    Andrew Duke Cognition NI Product Owner

    tr606 and tascam da30 dat info/prices

    thanks for the tip.

    details on the tr606 drummatix:

    ***it was modded in new york by stephen machnowski who is like the drum machine modder equivalent of the guy in australia who mods tb 303s for people like richie hawtin et al. he put separate outs on the channels, put an input into it, and beefed up the kick; i bought it in halifax for $150 canadian, but it was the modding that cost a ton of money (shipping to new york and back, paying for the mod etc) something like US $250 or so just for that; but i'm looking to get rid of it and would rather have it being used by someone than sitting in a bag here at my place, so i would sell it for $250 canadian; the buyer would have to pay to get it to them

    details on the tascam da30 dat machine:

    ***bought it for $1000 when it came out, but, unlike the 606, it was a victim of technology-advancing thus the drop in monetary value! :) anyway, i have the remote control and manual to go with it and i would sell it for $150 canadian. again, i'm in halifax ns on the east coast of canada and the buyer would be responsible for paying to get it to them.

    thanks for reading.
  11. kaaos

    kaaos Forum Member

    DM2 for sale

    If you need help with set up with Traktor, I will also help you set it up.

    email me
  12. ezfilez

    ezfilez New Member

    Only used like 2 times its like in new condition .. paid 549.00 2 months agoo ... give me a offer or trades .. thanks dave ( 401-419-1833 )

    SoundGraph D-Vinyl 2020 DJ Controller and Dual MP3 Player Package
    Vinyl, MP3 files, CD’s, turntables, and digital effects, DJ’s want to use them all and with the new Soundgraph D-Vinyl 2020 you can! That’s because the D-Vinyl 2020 is a complete hardware AND software package that combines a full blown 3-rack space DJ controller with mixer, dual jog wheels, slider and switch controls, and an integrated USB sound card with all the interface software needed to play MP3 files, CD’s, and even your favorite records. Here’s the deal; the D-Vinyl has 3 Playing Modes: Digital Vinyl Mode allows you to play and control MP3 files stored on your computer’s Hard Drive with conventional turntables or CD players and use all your performance moves like CUEing, backCUEing, scratching, fast/slow spinning, etc. MP3 Mode allows you to play and control MP3 files right from the 2020 controller without having to use a mouse or keyboard (up to 99 songs in each playlist). Analog Vinyl Mode lets you control your turntables and CD players and play your vinyl or CD collection using only the hardware controller just like in a conventional turntable/CD setup.

    The D-Vinyl is compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, and XP so there is no need to install Linux or another operating system into your computer. All software features (play, pitch shift, beat sync, cue, loop (20cues and 20 loops per MP3), edit, track search, search/load while playing, and much more can be accessed directly by the controller so you can keep spinning instead of typing. 6 pair RCA inputs with dual phono preamps, Type A and B USB ports. See, you can have it all!

    D-Vinyl2020™ H/W is a latest dual CD player type controller for the whole operation of S/W and the interface device to connect with computer and the current DJ devices like turntables and mixer. No necessary to use keyboard or mouse during your gig. All the controls with Jog wheel, Buttons, Sliders and LCD display in D-Vinyl2020™ H/W. Without turn-table or CD player, D-Vinyl2020™ H/W works also as a stand alone controller for the remix of MP3.

    D-Vinyl2020™ software provides 3 applications: Dual MP3 Player™, Playlist Editor™, MP3 Editor™.

    * Major functions of D-Vinyl2020™ are Spin MP3 with Turntable or the latest CD player
    * AUTO/MANUAL/PRE Beat Counter
    * Pitch Controls by +/-8%, +/-12%, +/-25% or +/-100%
    * Never Shock or Skip
    * Saving 20 CUE/LOOP points per Each MP3 File
    * Recording your remix as .wav in real-time
    * Professional [2IN/4OUT] USB Internal Soundcard
    * Playing Normal Vinyl

    D-Vinyl™ Record
    The record has a special frequency signal in the groove in order to receive the dynamics of the turntable for the control of MP3s from your HDD like scratching. So, you can put this specially designed digital vinyl on your normal turntable, with a normal needle, then you can play MP3 in D-Vinyl2020™ software with the real touch of vinyl. Also with the Audio CD supplied by D-Vinyl2020™, you can connect the CD Player with D-Vinyl hardware like the CDJ1000 to control MP3 with your CD player. If you put normal vinyl on your turntable instead of this Digital Vinyl, you can also play it under the Analog Vinyl Mode in D-Vinyl2020™ hardware.

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  13. drJonez

    drJonez NI Product Owner

  14. Andrew Duke Cognition

    Andrew Duke Cognition NI Product Owner

    TASCAM DA30 DAT machine

    update: the 606 drum machine has been sold, but the dat is still available; details:
    buyer responsible for shipping; dat is $150 including manual and remote. thanks. andrew
  15. Andrew Duke Cognition

    Andrew Duke Cognition NI Product Owner

  16. Roger Conejo

    Roger Conejo NI Product Owner

    Greetings all,

    I am putting up Traktor DJ 2.5 up for sale, boxed w/manual

    reason is i am using OSX 10.2.8 on a Powerbook, and therefore am not able to upgrade to Traktor 2.6 without revamping my system

    otherwise it's a fine working copy etc, and we can transfer license
    thru NI

    if interested send msg to

    eyeversusi AT hotmail DOT com

  17. mexicannnnnn

    mexicannnnnn NI Product Owner

    Whats the price?
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  19. PhilL

    PhilL Moderator Moderator

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  20. boysteve

    boysteve NI Product Owner

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