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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DJ Freshfluke, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Dansmescordesfr

    Dansmescordesfr NI Product Owner

    Best deal of the day: I'm selling my $25 voucher for $20. :)
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  2. nrsiddle

    nrsiddle New Member

    is there any hairdryer thread?
  3. nrsiddle

    nrsiddle New Member

    or can anyone selling a hairdryer?
  4. nrsiddle

    nrsiddle New Member

    if yes please mention me there. thanks in advance.
  5. Auguste

    Auguste New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to acquire the Faded Reels Expansion, preferably through a trade. Does anyone want to trade me Faded Reels in exchange for Lofi Glow or Analog Dreams? If you would like both, I'm open to the idea as long as you add another plugin I don't already own.

    Thanks and have a good one!
  6. Sommerklänge

    Sommerklänge NI Product Owner

    Hi everyone,

    I have a duplicate license of Electric Sunburst Deluxe for sale at €75 with the license transfer ready

    PM if interested
    Payment via PayPal (you pay the fee if applicable)
    I'll send the transfer ID once payment is received
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  7. SpannerHead

    SpannerHead New Member

    All for sale, transfer keys ready...

    Picked Acoustic
    Strummed Acoustic 2
    Scarbee Funk Guitarist
    Scarbee MM Bass Amped
  8. SpannerHead

    SpannerHead New Member

    ALL SOLD for £125
  9. oceans55

    oceans55 NI Product Owner

    Licenses provided upon Pay pal payment
    Claim/Register via NI's License Transfer system
    Digital download through NI's Native Access application

    $30 for all 4 expansions. Priced to sell
    Expansion - Molten Veil
    Expansion - Lazer Dice
    Expansion - Lucid Mission
    Expansion - Platinum Bounce
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  10. Dj Ravix

    Dj Ravix NI Product Owner

    So I got K13U ... this was something I would never expected to ever get my hands on and it makes me very happy
    However the downside is that I currently have 7 Expansions that are included with That bundle
    So I was wondering if there are people over here who are willing to trade for other expansions

    So Here is the list of the expansions I have for trading:

    See For Latest Updates

    And of the 20 expansions that I don't have here are some that I am most interested in:

    See For Latest Updates

    There are others that I don't have like all of the Artist series but the list above are the once I would prefer the most

    Feel free to let me know if you are interested

    Sorry about the caps names in the list for the once I wand ... I just copied the names from the NI website and those are in Caps :oops:

    This is for Machine+ owners who might be interested
    Please note, PRISMATIC BLISS is not compatible with MASCHINE+ in standalone mode.

    Edit 2:
    Prefer Trading ... But If you are interested in buying than start a conversation with me
    (I would prefer Prices in € as I live in the EU)
    The Reason for this Change Is that I got a lot of expansions that I bought from others
    and trading might get a bit of an issue when there are only 21 expansions that I currently don't have

    Edit 3 :
    Here is the full list of the other Expansions I don't have (for those who wanted to know):

    See For Latest Updates
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  11. AzariY

    AzariY New Member

    Hi, I am from UK and I am new to your forum and I work as a seniour developer at WorkTime (time tracking software)
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  12. DeliGotBeats

    DeliGotBeats New Member

    Hello Everyone!

    I have a few duplicate licenses for sale. PM me if interested!

    Offers are accepted!

    NI Licenses & Expansions

    Scarbee Funk Guitarist - $75
    Reaktor 6 Update - $75
    Mysteria $250
    Symphony Series - String Ensemble Crossgrade $400
    Symphony Series - Brass Collection Crossgrade $400
    Symphony Series - Woodwind Collection Crossgrade $400
    Symphony Series - Percussion $250
    Thrill $250
    Kinetic Toys Upgrade $75
    Session Guitarist - Electric Sunburst Deluxe Upgrade $100
    Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic $75
    Session Guitarist - Strummed Acoustic 2 $75
    Una Corda $100
    India $75
    Session Strings Pro 2 Update $250
    Modular Icons $50
    The Mouth $50

    Expansion - True School $30
    Expansion - Velvet Lounge $30
    Lucid Mission $30
    Elastic Thump $30
    Lazer Dice $30
    Solar Breeze $30
    Magnate Hustle $30
    Lilac Glare $30
    Stadium Flex $30
    Spectrum Quake $30
    Massive X Espansion - Rush $30
    Massive X Expansion - Pulse $30
    Massive X Expansion - Scene $30

    I accept PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo! Once payment is received, I will send over the transfer IDs!
  13. Auguste

    Auguste New Member


    I'm looking to trade my Lofi Glow, Analog Dreams, and Drive (Massive expansion) duplicates in exchange for Crate Cuts and Black Arc.

    I'm also open to trading one for one instead of all at once. I'll trade you all three if you have both.

    And if you want to buy instead of trade, I would let them go for $20 USD each.

    PM me your offers!

  14. von Klamke

    von Klamke NI Product Owner

    I'm selling duplicate licenses for:

    Symphony Series Collection Crossgrade (200 Euro), which includes:
    - Strings
    - Percussion
    - Brass Ensemble
    - Brass solo
    - Woodwinds Ensemble
    - Woodwinds Solo
    Mind that this crossgrade requires Symphony Essentials license (for example the one included in Komplete Ultimate package).

    Also, selling following Maschine Expansions (15 euro each):
    - Circuit Halo - SOLD
    - Prismatic Bliss,
    - Solar Breeze,
    - Arcane Attic - SOLD

    Paypal only. You pay the fee.
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  15. Dj Ravix

    Dj Ravix NI Product Owner

    Dear People on the Buy and Sell Topic

    I have a bit of Love / Hate Relation with this topic

    Till so far my Experience with people who are selling stuff on here is good
    However since I have been looking for Some Expansions i have come across an issue that plagues this topic

    To The People Who Are Selling Stuff Here:
    PLEASE ... Mark the products that you have 'Sold' in your posts
    (In whatever way you prefer to do this)

    I am getting a bit sick of contacting people about products they are selling only to hear that they are already sold those products
    And the worst part about it is that some have actually Marked some Products as Sold but not the products I ask about

    So Please take some time to look into past posts to edit these so that People who are looking for a Product do think you still have it
    (in some country's this might be even considered as 'False advertising' )
    And also the opposite of this is that people will keep asking about A Product that you might have already sold
    Some of them really act pissed off about this while it's there own fault for not marking the Sold Products as such

    If I just use the Search function of this Forum I will find A lot of people that are seemingly selling the products that I am looking for ... and these are not marked as Sold
    So that's when I contact somebody who is selling a product about it
    I am not going to look to +1500 Posts on this topic to see if the person already sold the product

    I hope the people here understand this as it is annoying for both Buyer and Seller
    (In my opinion it should just be a basic rule in this topic)
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  16. The Sarge

    The Sarge NI Product Owner

    and I don´t go back to all older postings from me, to insert everytime a "SOLD" when a new post says which are still to sell!
    keep calm man, 1500+ since 2005 and not since the last weeks :rolleyes:
    the search-function isn´t the best way to this subject, I think

    but could you pls post your wishes in a higher letter-size, can´t read it it´s so small, thx? :D
  17. Dj Ravix

    Dj Ravix NI Product Owner

    Are You sure You don't

    You could also remove the List and leave a link to the updated post

    I also see you posting updates with the ones you sold

    the Search Function does actually work for it ... but it works a lot better if people mark sold products as sold
    Just try and Search "Platinum Bounce" and you will notice directly if it is sold when marked (You might notice your own post in the list)

    I Think it's a bit funny to hear it from somebody that actually did it in the past
    Sorry About that ... I will Make it a bit larger so it will be easier for you to read ;)
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  18. The Sarge

    The Sarge NI Product Owner

    due to being a german with bad english, it seems you understood me wrong (or wanted not understand ;) )
    I wanted to say, that you can´t force all here to go back to all their postings and update them
    I´m sure that here or in the 3 other forum I posted my to-sell-expansions I only made updates in the latest post and not go earlier ones to edit them too! and that it is how I understand your big posting: all have to edit it for you, that you can easier find where´s something to buy - and that was the point why I joked about the 1500+ postings - are you really willing to read ´em when we made it with "SOLD"-infos? man, you have muuuuch time, I think
    why not simple, as many users did before, open a posting with: I´m searching for Platinum Bounce ?? the topic is called buy and sell, not only sell

    man, you realllllly have toooooo much time, I haven´t now not anymore,
    The Sarge!
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  19. Sommerklänge

    Sommerklänge NI Product Owner

    UPDATE: Sold some, lowered price on remaining.
  20. mawonthepoet

    mawonthepoet New Member

    Hi everyone, first time poster, I bought a maschine MK2 on ebay and did not realize that I was not getting the software with it as I had never purchased a product from native instruments. Is anyone selling the Maschine 2 software license? Please and thank you