Calibration issues after sleep mode

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by GarySan, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    * Why oooh why, every time i close my macbook, which means it puts itself in sleep mode, when i come back the calibration is no longer available.
    Nothing can be played as if the A8 was not connected anymore ...

    This is really annoying!
    You arrive at the venue early to hook up the stuff properly, make your calibration, and then when u come back from dinner and have to play after other guys...nothing. U suddenly have to do it again in a hurry in front of the crowd...

    But it get worse...I replug the A8 while the last vinyl from the guy before spins... Fine! it does calibrate the first vinyl so i start mixin... I mix it and when i want to calibrate the other one.....guess what?
    Of course its all ****ed up!
    So that means u have to stop everything, find someone to put a cd, to recalibrate properly all over again...

    YEAH GUYS well THAT is convenient...

    i can understand the A8 may have some issues to play nice after a sleep mode...My answer to this (that is more a suggestion in fact):

    WHY wouldnt it be possible to add in the calibration circles a little button to recalibrate, coz when it has failed after 15 minutes or wathever with a real vinyl the only solution i found so far is to quit TS unplug then plug back the A8, then restart TS..........
    A button to only restart the calib from scratch would so much easier, and it wouldnt mean to shut the sound off!

    * Another thing is the itunes playlists management.
    I do my lists in itunes but WHY doesnt it mark anything on TS.
    TS cannot tell if a track as already been played or if it loaded in the deck A or B... I mean come on NI, this was possible since FS 1.5!

    * And one last thing. I saw on another thread someone who wrote that the cover view in TS and TDJ will not arrive because of the wedding between NI and Beatport. So as long as beatport doesnt offer it, NI will not do it...laaaaaaame!
    So please NI for beatport's sake will you also slow down your servers as well, because transfer speeds are so much faster than beatport's, u make them ashamed, and thats not good for business!

    Juno download gives you the possibity to download a good quality cover.
    Digital tunes automaticly gives u a folder with the track u purchased and the good quality cover.
    DNB arena download integrates the cover with the mp3.
    There must plenty of other shops that does the same.
    Only beatport and trackitdown still gives almost nothing for ur money apart from the track (and i dont even get involved in the shitty tagging problem).

    So why NI users would have to pay for Beatport lameness?
  2. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    Couple things....

    The sleep issue has to be a driver bug on the Mac side because I can do this on my windows laptop no problem.

    So definitely file a support ticket for this issue. But I also noticed you are not running version 2.2.16 either.

    The iTunes issue, definitely file a support ticket for this problem as well.

    But in terms of cover view within Traktor, it has NOTHING to do with Beatport.

    It's all about getting the bugs mashed out first and then moving forward with major feature additions.
  3. DJ James Lake

    DJ James Lake NI Product Owner

    Sorry but I have to laugh...aren't you capable of putting in a cd yourself, exactly what kind of DJ are you?

    Havent you heard of a backup plan? Perhaps invest in a few cd's and learn how to use them might be a good idea.

    P.S. You can also stop your mac from sleeping if you set it that way, or perhaps you might want to get someone to do it for you ;)
  4. jeromerelease

    jeromerelease Forum Member

    just go into energy saver in prefs & switch it to never on both battery & adaptor.
  5. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    @ Quartz

    -Sorry i didnt update my sig but i am running 2.2.16 driver...

    -The itunes issue is here since i use TS, so it happened since the very first version on my pentium4 pc as well.

    -I'm really glad to learn that.

    @ Lake
    I'm glad u had fun...

    A turntable dj

    Real vinyls...

    And FYI, not ALL setups have cdjs or wathever, in clubs they always do, but in concert venues, it's pretty much what u told the guys to bring on stage...but that's maybe not ur type of djing...
    If ur talking about backup plans, as i told u till now it was real vinyls to give me the time to reboot the stuff (to be specific i also bring extra needles, extra cables and extra TS vinyls)...i know how to use cds, it's just that i don't like performance is made on turntables, period.

    The thing is that i bought TS not to deal with that kind of problem since the sleep issue was supposed to be adressed with the last driver update.

    SO yes i'm glad u had fun, i'm also glad ur stupid enough to think that i only want to bash up ur toy.
    If the product has some flaws (and this is a big one), the users are here to tell the information.
    Once again not being to calibrate after quiting TS and repluging the A8 because of a real vinyl spinning is a BIG problem, and i wanted to point out the idea of a "recalibration" button.

    But maybe it's like this old saying (forgive the translation): if the wise shows the moon, the douchebag will only see the finger...;)
  6. twistedpickles

    twistedpickles Forum Member

    ;) @GarySan ...I feel ya!
  7. DJ James Lake

    DJ James Lake NI Product Owner

    My point was not intended to bash you, but if you or anyone is going to use a computer in any live performance, no matter what the software or how good it is should have a solid and quick backup plan that is instantly available....computers do crash no matter how good or expensive they are.

    I'm glad you carry vinyl for that reason, but I think you need something a bit more instant than that. If you do get a crash you have to quickly remove a timecoded vinyl and replace it with a normal vinyl.

    If I was you I would have even a single cd player or even an ipod for instant music if you do suffer a crash. It can save a lot of embarassment.
  8. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    @ Lake
    Still, i believe that whats a big part in SSL success, its the fact that it's road-ready.
    DVSs are much more reliable now, and this is the kind of small hiccups that can hijack ur set, the kind you'll almost never encounter in SSL. Since i chose TS as i do much prefer the interface and the sound treatment, id like those problems to be taken care of, specially because i know that im not the only one in that case.

    Now some questions to mr. Quartz:

    Can u tell us a little more about the advancement of the cover view you may be aware of? Would you maybe know where it would be launch in a possible TS roadmap?

    I saw one of ur post saying that a real software mixer were also in the oven at NI.
    So can u tell us how long some of us will have to dream for those features?
    1.3? 1.4? 1.5?....please
  9. DJ James Lake

    DJ James Lake NI Product Owner

    From what I have read on the SSL forums that isn't the case.
  10. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    By god! man ur on a mission, arent u?
  11. djDoring

    djDoring Account Suspended

    traktor scratch has only 1 problem called "audio 8 dj".

    how to fix ?

    no one knows :D
  12. SimonStokes

    SimonStokes NI Product Owner

    Harsh man...harsh! ;)

    Personally, I am loving Traktor. Never had a single issue with it, the Audio 8 is both amazing for TS and for my production work (Ableton etc) and hasn't failed me once. If you produce music, Traktor kills two birds with one stone as you don't need another sound card!
  13. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator


    same for me (only that i run cubase on the same computer to record mixes while spinning with T33/ TS).
  14. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    Yep i wouldnt be so hard on the A8, it sounds better than a serato and is pretty convenient in a production environnement.
    But thats sure that the driver's still not good enough...

    So Quartz, about my questions, where art thou?
  15. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    So Quartz; now that u came back, could i have some answers please?
  16. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    @ Gary

    Unfortunately I cannot discuss anything regarding the implementation of such a feature.

    However I want to clear up that rumour about Beatport being the issue.

    As for the Audio 8 DJ, imho it smashes any other DVS interface that's on the market right now hands down.

    Sure the drivers might need some work but everything comes in time.

    Would you prefer to go back to Final Scratch?

    As I said before, the sleep mode bug must be MacOS specific. I just tested this again this morning. I had TS running last night so I could answer a question regarding hotkeys last night.

    I was tired and crashed on the couch forgetting to plug my laptop in and it ended up killing the battery. However my laptop is setup to sleep when it hits low battery power.

    So I plugged my laptop in when I got back upstairs, connected my A8 and brought my laptop out of sleep mode.

    TS detected the A8 no problem and went on with business as usual.

    So as I said if you are having sleep mode issues, file support tickets so it can be looked into.
  17. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    Fine for this one, but how about the real mixer software for the A8dj ?
    And about the cover view, well...its not like u said they were not working on it, so i dont really what to think...

    Im sorry man, but FS brings us back in 2001... i do think that TS is a good product, that the A8 is a good soundcard.

    Somehow the itunes bug is here since the first version on both platforms...

    And ONCE AGAIN, i wanted to point out this idea of a recalibration button, one per channel, and in case of a wrong calib of one channel whereas the other one's still running, to give the opportunity do something (lick the headshell, verify cabling etc) and to recalibrate on the fly without the need of quitting-repluging-restarting.

    As the ground loop option those features are here "just in case" and are more than useful when ur in trouble...

    As James Lake said, i could take also a cdj to every club i go...but i bought TS not to carry more stuff than two crates of vinyl...
  18. djquartz

    djquartz NI Product Owner

    Why do you need a re-calibration button, just click the A or B buttons twice.

    Once to turn off timecode and once again to enable timecode mode for recalibration.
  19. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    ? WTF?
    Is that it?
    Well, im pretty sure i already tried that with no success.
    But thats good to know thats the procedure.
    Im gonna give it a try tonight before the gig. Ill let u know if it worked for me.
    Thanks though. ;)
  20. djaftashok1

    djaftashok1 New Member

    Hi GarySan, i noticed that you are on mac OSX 10.5.2 - that may possibly be the problem? not too mac saavy, but is this the new "leapard' operating system? im still using Tiger - 10.4.9 and having almost no probs (aside from some cracks and pops)...

    hope you got it all handled...
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