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Can hear raw guitar tone in GR processed output

Discussion in 'Technical Issues - KOMPLETE (Archive)' started by cdouglas, May 9, 2012.

  1. cdouglas

    cdouglas New Member

    I am a new Guitar Rig user trying out the demo currently. I have it running on my laptop where my guitar is connected to the line in, using anio4all, GR5, a FCB1010 controller and output to headphones. It sounds great except that it seems like the clean, unprocessed sound is also audible as well as the processed sound. If I turn off the L and R buttons on the input, I just hear the clean sound, turn them back on and I get the processed sound but I can tell the clean is still there.

    I saw other mentions of this happening other places but no solutions that apply to my setup.

  2. cdouglas

    cdouglas New Member

    Wanted to post back that I got it fixed and with the solution.
    Soundcard is Realtek hd in a Dell laptop. I ended up having to upgrade the driver to the latest R268 and then in the Realtek HD Audio Manager, select Line in tab. For Playback volume, turn it all the way down and then mute it.

    There is also a Listen to this Device checkbox under the recording tab/Listen in sound properties, but that does nothing apparently since mine was unchecked and it still passed through to the headphone jack.