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can i have more than 16 sounds in a drumkit ?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by DJ DiscoPimp, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. DJ DiscoPimp

    DJ DiscoPimp NI Product Owner

    hello, didn't have time to plugh through the whole documentation yet ... wondering if kits are always limited to only 16 sounds or if there's a way to 'scroll' for more sounds in a group
  2. Tooshka

    Tooshka NI Product Owner

    You are limited to 16 slots
    A slot can have multiple sounds mapped to various keys, but you will need to trigger them in the keyboard view (Piano roll) rather than the slot view ;)
    There are 128 keys within a keymap (Assuming all are usable) multiple this by 16 slots will give you 2048 sounds in a single kit
    There are also 128 velocity zones per key within that keymap (Assuming all are usable) so multiply 2048 by 128 will give you 262144 sounds within one kit

    Obviously this would be a complete PITA to use in real terms, but it does show that you do have leeway to add a few extra sounds to a kit, personally i just add a new group ;)
  3. DJ DiscoPimp

    DJ DiscoPimp NI Product Owner

    hey .. thx for the quick reply :)

    that's a pitty, it's a bit limiting to work with such small kits but i've worked for ages with a DrumKAT and that only has 10 so i'l make do .. and yes, creating a new group seems to be the most straight forward way to do it, twiddling keymaps and zones while composing is a pain and distracts me too much from the matter at hand

    btw .. happy new year :)