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Can I load .nmsv presets into Massive X?

Discussion in 'MASSIVE + MASSIVE X' started by RexRed, May 14, 2020.

  1. RexRed

    RexRed New Member

    Sorry if this is a newbie question.

    If I cannot load them directly can I use something to convert them into something Massive X can translate?

    I would rather use Massive X instead of Massive

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    I bought 40 for $40 a huge collection of presets from adsr.com (no, I don't work for them). I thought they were samples and loops but when it took 15 seconds to download I realized it was mostly presets. That is okay it is a huge assortment of some really cool presets. I got them to show up in Massive but I was just wondering if I could get them to load in Massive X? It certainly saves me a lot of time making them myself. :)
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  2. prjkt

    prjkt NI Product Owner

    No, Massive presets are for Massive only, Massive X is a totally different and separate synth, not an upgrade/replacement