Can Maschine FX be used as a VST in a DAW, independent of Maschine?

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    I was trying to use transient master on a MIDI track in Ableton, and I noticed that it wasn't popping up on my plugins list. I couldn't find any info on it on the internet, so I downloaded the DEMO version, after that it popped up in the service center as a DEMO and was finally read by my plugin folder in Ableton, but it still had demo restrictions when I tried to put it on track and would only work if I bought a serial number. Transient Master and all the other effects work fine inside of Maschine standalone and when I open Maschine as a plugin in Ableton, but I noticed they dont show up in the Service Center, so I was wonder if this meant that Transient Master and other Native Instruments FX that come with Maschine must be purchased separately in order to work independent of Maschine to be used in a DAW? The only thing that seems work independent of Maschine inside my DAW is Solid Bus Comp, but Solid Bus Comp pops up in the Service Center with its own serial number.
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    On a midi track it won't work only on a audio track and yes you can use maschine fx. If you want to use it separately you have to buy it.


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