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Can someone please help?Studio One

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by Gerrod_Priest, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Gerrod_Priest

    Gerrod_Priest NI Product Owner

    Ok so i have the Komplete Kontrol software because it come wit machine
    I have Maschine mapped to the controls i want to control in Komplete Kontrol and it works great
    In Ableton live with multiple Komplete Kontrols my maschine kontrols the one that is selected only
    However in Studio one i can for some reason only Kontrol the first Komplete Kontrol and no other
    So my question is how do i control the Komplete Kontroll on the selected track like i do in Ableton Live?
  2. Xyenz Fyxion

    Xyenz Fyxion NI Product Owner

    I think I understand your issue. But, do you only try to control Komplete the VST with Maschine hardware? I think it will work with Ableton if you are using a template or the Integration.

    I know that there is no Integration with Studio One. So, it doesn't always work as you would like. This has happened with the keyboard. It doesn't always control the parameters for the track I arm. Are you arming the track but pressing the record button on the track? Can you press the Instance button on your keyboard and assign it to the right Komplete Kontrol VST? Or, I should say, you can control different instances of Maschine or Kontrol by selecting your controller (usually in yellow or in the Inspector to the left of the screen).

    I hope that makes sense.

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