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Can't Install Razor on PC

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by Kruddler, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Kruddler

    Kruddler Forum Member

    This in unbelievable. I bought a whole new PC just to run Razor because it is so CPU intensive and was grinding my mac to a halt. I got my PC set up and installed the Komplete package. Then I updated Reaktor. I downloaded the Razor installer. When I run the installer, I can get to the step where I can see the feature. But, the feature has a big red cross next to it with no drop down list. Why? It doesn't tell me anything about why I can't install.

    BTW: I uninstalled my virus scanner and run the installer as admin on my Windows 7 machine upon the advice of NI's American support team.

    Can anyone please help me? This is a ridiculous situation. I literally started building this PC on Friday so that I could use Razor over the weekend to write some new stuff. NI's tech support has basically given up.

    To give you some more info, I used a tool to extract the guts of the installer. I got the Razor player out of the installer and I CAN ACTUALLY USE THE PLAYER. But, I can't activate the product so none of my presets etc. stick and I keep getting demo mode.

    HELP! Tech support couldn't help me.
  2. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    In the Common Files path to Service Center

    (For me it is C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center; for you it will be different if you are running Win7 64 bit)

    do you see a Razor xml file?

    It will probably be named "Razor 1.xml"

    Can you list the contents?
  3. Kruddler

    Kruddler Forum Member


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Company>Native Instruments GmbH</Company>

    Woot woot woot!

    Got it activated!

    All I did was delete that file, uninstall, and then reinstall with XP compatibility mode on the installer.

    Thanks again so much!
  4. arachnaut

    arachnaut NI Product Owner

    What CPU/MB did you end up getting?
  5. Kruddler

    Kruddler Forum Member

    I ended up getting the i5 2500. It wasn't worth spending an extra $100 on an i7 because the clock speed is only a little higher and there are only 4 extra "hyper" threads; not cores. It may make a little difference but not $100 of difference. I will post details in the other thread.