Can't loop within some songs

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by MichB, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. MichB

    MichB NI Product Owner


    I find I can't loop within some songs:- eg Seven Nation Army (White Stripes), Song 2 (Blur) and The Weekend (Michael Gray).

    None have been beat gridded - is this the reason? I can see it for the first two tracks as they are both bands with real drummers, but not for the Michael Gray track as it must have been made on a computer. I have tried all the loop measures but the phrasing of the song seems weird and none seem to work for this track (it's a radio edit I have, thus no long drum intro/outro) which makes it impossible to mix into something else.

    Bet it's something simple I'm not doing. Any thoughts?


  2. istewart

    istewart NI Product Owner

    Although I can't say I'm 100% on this, I'm pretty sure songs need to have a beatgrid in order for looping to function. If they don't, how does the software know what a 16 beat loop is? In general, I have Traktor auto-beatgrid all my tracks and if I come across one that is particularly off I fix it manually, but Traktor usually does a pretty good job. Try adding a beatgrid and I bet that'll solve your problems.

  3. crucial d

    crucial d NI Product Owner

    what is the time signature of the songs you are having problems with?
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