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Can't play Elektrik Piano, Akoustik Piano or B-4

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by bsamuels, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. bsamuels

    bsamuels Forum Member

    I upgraded to Komplete 6 with Kontakt 4 and as a matter of course deleted Kontakt 3.5. Since then the applications that came with Komplete 5 , Elektrik Piano, Akoustik Piano or B-4 don't play. Should I have kept 3.5 installed? Do these apps not work with the Kontakt 4 engine and should I (can I) reinstall 3.5?

    Bruce Samuels
  2. David Das

    David Das Moderator Moderator

    The B4 has no relation to Kontakt, so de-installing Kontakt 3.5 would not have affected the B4 at all.

    As for EP and AP, they shouldn't have been affected either. They can load up inside Kontakt 4, or if you are working on a computer which is still compatible with them, you can use their original applications.

    There is no reason to have 3.5 installed if you own 4, except for if you have saved projects which use 3.5 and still need to be able to recall projects like that.
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