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:: CD players tested with TRAKTOR Scratch ::

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by DJ Freshfluke, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. vince11

    vince11 New Member

    there is def an issue with ts and cdj100's. it does not hold the beat exactly when u cue... and when you hit play it skips a beat / temp drops for the frist bar, then is ok, but by that time the track u mixing is almost 1 beat behind so u have to play catch up...... im seriously thinking of ditching ts becasuse of this
  2. luca78nero

    luca78nero Forum Member

    CDJ 400 + CDJ 100 review... and Stanton c.314 and vestax?

    Hi first of all greetings, I am new to this very interesting Forum.:D

    I had the opportunity to try:

    works practically perfect. the "vinyl" option suits traktor scratch in a very good way. do not know about the loops and effects, but I would use the ones on TS or on the mixer anyway.
    what is important is that, again, the "vinyl" option allows both to:
    - quickly move along the track like if you had a midi controller without using FWD and REW buttons, which are usually not very precise
    - to fine adjust the beat matching by "slowing down" or "speeding up" the track like if you had a real vinyl
    - stop and pause even if you are running the track in "relative mode" and not in "absolute mode"
    - pause the track by pressing on the jog wheel (like if it was a real vinyl)
    - use "track 3" perfectly

    moreover you can:
    - extend the range of the pitch
    - use a lot of features which come in very useful if you play some tracks directly from a cd and not from TS

    If you have TS and you want to run it on CD and not on vinyl, I think it is a very very good product.

    CDJ 100
    works ok but not perfect, because there is no vinyl option so:
    - you will only be able to move along the track with FWD and REW buttons and
    - the jog wheel will "only" allow you to fine adjust the beat matching.

    what is BAD is:
    - you cannot stop or pause a track once you are in relative mode (which is something i need A LOT because I often loop a track when fading into it)
    - I confirm that the track jumps after the first beat when you play it, this means that you CANNOT play the track if the fader is already in the middle... you have to first play it, adjust the beats and only then you can fade... mhhhhh disturbing
    - you cannot change the pitch range

    So use the CDJ 100s if you have them already, but do not buy them if you are planning to use them with TS

    Now, it's questions time! :D :D :D

    All the cd players i used until now are owned by the clubs where I usually play. But now I am planning to buy my own ones.
    Since the CDJ 100s have those little problems (and the 200s too I guess since they do not have the "vinyl" option) and the 400 are still pretty expensive, I was looking around and I saw the Stanton C.314 and the vestax CDR07 and CDX05...

    did anyone try them already? how do they work? is the quality of the pitch good?
    furthermore and REALLY important for me: is the "scratch" option on these players comparable to the "vinyl" one on the pioneer cdj400?
    I mean, does this SCRATCH option allow both to quickly move along the track and also to fine adjust the beatmatching? and does it allow to pause and play the track also in TS "relative mode"?

    thank yo uand please let me know!

  3. luca78nero

    luca78nero Forum Member

    I see there are no answers....

    anyone tried at least the Reloop "RMP-1 scratch" or the "RMP-2" cd players? they seem pretty solid...

    let me know!

  4. luca78nero

    luca78nero Forum Member

    still no answers... pity, don't want to spend 800€ for a couple of players to discover that they are not working properly with TS

    what about the CDJ 800 mk1... I found a couple of good deals so I was thinking about those... they do not read mp3s but i do not care since timecode is a wav file...
    they are not into native girl's list in the first post of this thread, so I just wanted to know if there is any particular issue with this pioneer cd player...

    let me know! for real this time ;)

    if anyone got info on the reloops (see previous post) in the mean time please let me know... it is difficult to find reviews around (which are not too bad) and they are not talking about timecode compatibility at all...

    just on elast off-topic thing... I f I get no asnwers this time I will buy two turntables! :D so I'm sure they will work!
  5. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    If they can read a cd then you are fine.
  6. luca78nero

    luca78nero Forum Member

    i do not agree, just read my post on cdj 400 and 100... you will discover that there can be two types of issues: "functions" related (the 100s do not have full control over the software because they do not have a vinyl option) and hardware related (when you play a track on the 100 it often skips a few beats).

    secondly, if you were right, why would we need a "CD players tested with Traktor Scratch" topic? :lol:
  7. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    Yeah, fair enough.

    But he's talking about the 800s. Those are rock solid. I guess I should have addressed it that way.
  8. erroldoherty

    erroldoherty New Member

    Errol Doherty

    i`m trying to use traktor scratch duo with the time code cds on a set of pioneer cdj 200`s.
    Not having much luck!

    any ideas or pointers?
  9. luca78nero

    luca78nero Forum Member

    I used them in a club a few weeks ago and, despite the fact that they do not have the "VINYL" option (meaning that you do not have full control, have a look at my previous posts in this topic), everything went well.
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