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Change LED colour on Modifier=1 then restore prev LED colour on Modifier=0

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by Jodi Curtis, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Jodi Curtis

    Jodi Curtis New Member


    I'm trying to make a custom mapping, and I have run into a few issues on the core controls.

    (this is part of a wider issue which seems to step from using more than one colour on a button (at different times not at the same time)


    Encoders E
    Buttons B1, B2, B3
    LEDs available are Button LED's: B1R, B1G, B1O, B2R, B2G, B2O, B3R, B3G, B3O (red, green, orange)
    Global Modifiers: M5

    The Working Bit

    On B1 event, set M5=1
    On B2 event set M5=2
    Ob B3 event set M5=3

    (Gain In Mapping) is E on M5=1
    (Filter In Mapping) is E on M5=2
    (Key in Mapping) is E on M5=3

    //note this only happens once the encoder is actively controlling the filter
    (Filter On/Off Toggle In Mapping) B2 on M5=2
    (Filter On/Off Toggle Out Mapping) B2G on M5=2

    //note this only happens once the encoder is actively controlling the key
    (Key On/Off Toggle In Mapping) B3 on M5=3
    (Key On/Off Toggle Out Mapping) B3G on M5=3

    //I want to set the Led's for Button 1 Button 2 and Button 3 to Red when M5 is set to the corresponding code (1,2 or 3)
    (Modifier 5 Out Mapping) B1R on M5=1
    (Modifier 5 Out Mapping) B2R on M5=2
    (Modifier 5 Out Mapping) B3R on M5=3

    The Issue

    When red is unset (when the encoder mapping is set to a different Modifier, or cleared back to zero) it doesn't restore the active LED, meaning it loses track of the filter/key until you deactive/activate or activate/deactivate.

    I've tried a technique mapping them to a single LED, but this ran into the problem where it eventually after a few successful changes settles on a single value (which I assume is some sort of precedence issue)

    The solution Needed

    So my question is how can I restore the status of the LED's on B2 and B3 to B2G and B3G IF the filter or key is set to Enabled?



  2. zephry

    zephry NI Product Owner

    What controller?
    Mapping is insane to explain, some led mapping is done under the hood (it's a mystery but I have figured a lot of it out).
    If I have the controller, or even could look at the mapping I may be of some help.
  3. Jodi Curtis

    Jodi Curtis New Member


    I've managed many of the desired LED switches, each time using different techniques, thus, the original problem is probably solved. The controller is the Xone K1 and I've attached the current mapping progress for others to look at, though I wanted to wait until it was finished before publishing it anywhere.

    however this last critical LED problem is as follows:

    The last issue I have is: The LED's attached to indicate both which deck has focus, and what map the mixer is in have an issue when switching map

    To switch map:
    when D#0 is pressed (and state of Modifier 1=0) this activates Modifier 1=6, correctly illuminating red via D#0 LED
    To change map:
    Once in this state CC21 changes Modifier 2 value - corresponding to the active Map (only 0 and 1 are programmed at the moment, leaving M=2 to M=7 for other possible maps)

    Bindings for the the Focus Deck indicator are via LED deck 1 (E3,E6,E9) deck 2 (F3,F6,F9) deck 3 (F#3, F#6, F#9) and deck 4 (G3, G6, G9) (red, orange, green respectively)

    on Modifier 2=0 sets red on for the focus deck, M2=1 sets green, M2=2 for a future map sets orange.

    Changing the focus deck via CC21 (when Modifier 1 is not 6) will set the correct colour but when the Map is first changed the LED's fail to work correctly.

    The closest I've got was with all working except when first changed to green (but I scrubbed the settings and left this to resolve at a later date)

    Aside, the current controller file works well except for I'd like to tweak more LED colours to indicate changed states in a few places, as I am slowly getting more confident with multi colour LED's.

    I can't upload anything because NI rules (PDF too large, TSI not allowed as an extension type) so here's a Google Drive Link to the folder with both documents

    thanks PS this might be seen as quite a complex file depending on experience