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    hello dear NI makers of my dreams and fellow djs sharing my passion.

    classifying your tracks is a basic of a music lover, started with little notes written on vinyl sleeves to description of tracks with little annotations and those little stars on Traktor.
    this does help a lot, but I kind of still have an issue, I'm not too young anymore except in my brain, and I have a massive collection of music...
    a big one yes :)
    so I classify them by genre, themes, vocals or not, choir..etc. but when you get a weird techno house with female vocals and male choirs related to dirty religious talk with a trance flying bit, I kind of miss spaces ^^(which is not the real problem, the real problem is that I have too many tracks ^^)

    so I was wandering, would it be possible to add little emotes to file the tracks with fewer space on description.
    I'm definitely not the guy using emojis or this kind of things usually, first I'm too old for that, and I need my glasses to see them properly, and I never wear them as I think women look nicer without. (personal opinion, if you have a different, it's up to you)
    i noticed you NI guys were making software for cellphones, and as cell phone use emojis (yes they do, kids only communicate this way now ^^), can it be possible to get stuff like that please ^^
    maybe we could make lists of what users would love to have to classify their tracks.

    thanks for reading and have fun spinning ^^

    ps: I still don't understand how someone can mix with a cellphone using mp3 files, it's just a commercial sound hoax to me, but that wasn't my point ^^
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    In that regard, the best is probably to develop your own system in the comment tag and to use smartplaylists, or to use the release, genre, and label fields, that are kind of integrated smart playlists in traktor. Not so smart though since you can only have 1 tag per field.