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Clear filename view in the browser, without the folder

Discussion in 'Feature Request' started by DJSE, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. DJSE

    DJSE New Member

    Hello, this is something I probably already ask in the forum some years ago, but here it is in the official thread for feature request :)

    I use the Traktor browser to find my track, because I got a big collection of track and lot of subfolder with subfolder in it (I'm play multigenre with different alias so I have to separate everything). As most of my track aren't tag properly, I use the "filename" view instead of "artist / title" like most of user I think (that "problem" is also the main reason why most of my track aren't tagged properly, as I use to delete the artist name and title in order to have the filename to fill the title blank - but I stop doing that as it make me lose some useful info sometime).

    But it's really annoying with long folder list to see the complete file path in the browser before seeing the filename, mostly because I have to take all the screen space to see the filename (and so it hide other usefull info) and also because it show me the folder path that I already see on the left column.

    So if you could add a fonction to see the filename without the folder path that would be great (maybe add a fonction to do that so the people who use the filename view to see where their file are - like in playlist mode - don't lose a fonction).

    Or if this is not possible, a way to center the view of the filename so I don't have to side scroll with mouse to see the filename at the end of the folder path. Maybe something that align and focus the list on the right instead on the left of that column so the filename are the first thing to show up, something more like ".../subfolder/completefilename" instead of the "C://musicfoldername/othermusicfoldername/subfolder/cutfilena...."

    Don't know if that's clear, but thanks a lot if you can do that (that's actually the only thing that make me look at other DJ software, but I don't want to leave Traktor just for that)
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  2. Strange Matter

    Strange Matter NI Product Owner

    Good idea. Using Mixed in Key, I add the key, then BPM, then Artist & title into my filenames (helps on CDJs) so this field would have a lot of the information I need in one hit saving a lot of screen space.