Solved Clicking the plug-in browser in SOUND tab crash Maschine 2.8.3

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    Update: The problem has been narrowed down to just 3-4 jBridged plugins. So this is definitely NOT a bug. Using jBridged plugins in Maschine 2.8.3 works well.


    Disclaimer: I'm not positive that this is a general bug, but I didn't have this problem in Maschine 1.8.2. This problem began after upgrading to Maschine 2.8.3 only.

    Operating System: Win 7 64bit, fully updated and patched
    Maschine Version: 2.8.3 (R769)
    Controller Model: Maschine Mk2
    Bug description: Clicking on the '+' sign button in sound mode to load the plug-in, crashes Maschine 2.8.3 software.
    List of exact steps to produce the bug:

    1. Install some jBridged plugins
    2. Start Maschine 2.8.3 software
    3. Click on the '+' sign in the 'SOUND' tab

    Observed Results: No plugin list emerge, but a crash popup appears telling that 'Maschine 2 has encountered a major problem..' etc.
    Expected Results: The plug-in list shall appear so that I can select a plugin to load.
    Reproducibility: Consistently, every single time on Maschine 2.8.3 (R769) but NOT on Maschine 1.8.2.

    Please let me know, I would really appreciate any help in this matter!

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    Send the Crash Log to NI support but dont get your hopes up, 32bit is really, really... really old technology.
    Perhaps sending it to the jBridge dev's might also be helpful.
    As for NI, there's no real reason for any modern software company to try to make an effort to make wrapper tools such as jbridge to work on 64bit software, my very humble advice would be to move on and stop postponing the unavoidable, maybe a make dual-boot system with both 32bit and 64bit OS for the transition phase.
  3. Toners

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    Thanks for your answer!

    Maybe there's some misunderstanding going on, but I do not have problem with 32bit plugins, rather with 64bit already jBridged plugins.

    jBridge is a commonly accepted solution these days and it works well in all other DAWs, like *eason, *ubase, *itwig etc.

    Maybe, somehow, NI has dropped the software compatibility support for jBridge in the latest Maschine 2.8.3. But again, we are taking about 64bit plugins.

    My workflow involves a lot of jBridged plugins, it is not possible to drop them in this phase without investing a huge amount of time in an alternative setup.

    Yes, I've already sent a support logs to NI, and I've contacted the jBridge developer.

  4. Toners

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    We've narrowed down the problem to a couple of jbridged plugins actually. jBridge developer is looking at them right now.

    So, jBridged plugins do work well in Maschine 2.8.3. :thumbsup:
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  5. D-One

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    Can you say which ones pls? just in case someone has the same issue and stumbles on this thread.
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  6. Toners

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    Crazy Diamonds
    REZ3 v.1.1 - The 'can't find plugin popup' appear. But the redirect is correct to the 32bit folder.

    Please note, this only happens in Maschine 2.8.3, not in the 1.8 version.
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