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Clicks and Pops when scratching or cuing.

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by BryonStout, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. BryonStout

    BryonStout Forum Member

    I originally purchased traktor scratch duo. So I have the audio 4 with my setup. I then later on purchased the download upgrade to scratch pro.

    When I cue up a track and use my cdj jog wheel to go back and forth with the beat in preperation to cue my track and drop it on the beat a strange click and pop will come out of the speakers.

    I have tried various settings such as the eco/HiQ, scratch/normal and including latency settings and nothing seems to solve this issue.

    1. Could it be a defective audio 4?
    2. Could it be a software issue from owning duo and upgrading to pro?

    This happened on my old acer laptop and still continues to happen on my macbook.

    My macbook is a 2.4 intel core 2 duo with 4 gig ram.
  2. Danny_H

    Danny_H NI Product Owner

    Not a common complaint with macs.

    How does the CPU meter in Traktor look - does it spike when you hear the click/pop?

    Make sure you've got airport turned off and also any energy-saving settings are deactivated.
  3. BryonStout

    BryonStout Forum Member


    It happens with a pc or a mac..

    My cpu load is fine. 2.4 core 2 duo is way more than enough power.

    Yes airport is turned off and all energy saving setting are not in use.
  4. rainerh

    rainerh NI Product Owner

    How is your buffer size set on the Audio Setup panel?

    The executable for Pro and Duo is the same; in Duo simply some features are disabled. So this cannot be the cause.
  5. BryonStout

    BryonStout Forum Member

    Are you talking about the latency settings?

    Its at 2.5
  6. mastermc

    mastermc NI Product Owner


    try to raise the latency.
  7. BryonStout

    BryonStout Forum Member

    I forgot a important thing..

    On the Left channel I will be moving the plate back and forth to cue. The channel volume is all the way down so no noise or sound comes out. Yet when I move the records or cdj back and forth the click and pop sound still comes out of the speaker.
  8. Real_Blackroom

    Real_Blackroom Forum Member

    As said earlier try to raise your latency until the problem is gone.
    If that doesn't work there is something else going on.
  9. DJPassion

    DJPassion New Member

    I'm having the same problem. Since upgrading to TSP 2 from TSP 1 I have the same clicks and pops...I have a 1.6ghz Macbook Air with 4gb Ram, running Audio 8 card. In TSP 1 I could run at 96khz, with sub-10ms latency and it was flawless. Even switching to 48khz now it is more glitchy.
  10. johndoehizzle

    johndoehizzle Forum Member

    what soundcard,what latency r yall using?raise it to the max and see if it goes down.if it does,then work it down again to where it's balanced out and working good with no clicks n pops.what soundcard are you choosing in traktor?
  11. booty818

    booty818 Forum Member

    they sound cool anyway
  12. schranzinator

    schranzinator NI Product Owner

    on windows "green" your dpc latency. then run traktor.exe with task manager "realtime" priority.