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Color the tracks that's been played for the current set.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by DJ Flex I, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. DJ Flex I

    DJ Flex I NI Product Owner

    Another thing I noticed last night.. In a long set you can easy forget if u played a track or you didn't. Please color or mark somehow which tracks are played during the last run of traktor. Maybe some icon in the first column next to the grid lock icon.
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  2. ErikMinekus

    ErikMinekus NI Product Owner

    There's already a checkmark in the first column if you've played a track for more than X seconds (configurable in Preferences). Of course it disappears when you close Traktor, then you'll have to look in the archive.
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  3. DJ Flex I

    DJ Flex I NI Product Owner

    Probably too small and didn't noticed it :) I hope they grayed out or something the entire row.
  4. Jurjen

    Jurjen New Member

  5. Cheef Roberts

    Cheef Roberts NI Product Owner