Compatability with iPad Air???

Discussion in 'KONTROL Z1' started by zombiechris, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. zombiechris

    zombiechris New Member

    Wondering if anyone has had issues getting their Traktor Controller Z1 to work with an iPad air?

    I have a 16gb iPad Air and a Z1 controller, I am using the official traktor 30 pin cable with the official apple 30 pin to lightning adaptor and it doesn't recognise the device, doesn't charge and turn the lights on the controller on

    When I unplug it from the iPad into my iPhone 5S it detects it instantly, the decks light up and it interacts directly with the traktor DJ app

    Anyone had any issue similar to this with an iPad air??

    I emailed Traktor support asking for help but sadly haven't received a reply and I have a DJ set this Friday and the following Friday I was hoping I could use my new set up with
  2. Tricky Mouse

    Tricky Mouse NI Product Owner

    What's your iOS version on the air?
  3. zombiechris

    zombiechris New Member

    It's either 8.01 or 8.02 (iPads at home at the moment)
    But I know it's been updated to iOS8 with one or two mini updates after
  4. Simon Iddol

    Simon Iddol Member

    I have iPad Air, and the Z1 works for me flawlessly. I can't say the same thing about my AUDIO2 tho. latest iOS, latest Traktor DJ version.
  5. frankt

    frankt NI Product Owner

    I like NI and I use their stuff a lot (Komplete, Traktor Pro, Traktor DJ etc). But here is what I think about all this lightning/30pin/USB a+b mess:
    I will not buy any Kontrol for IOS device unless NI provides me with a complete setup to connect my lightning Ipad/Iphone with the USB B plug on the Kontrol hardware. I went to a well known musicstore today and the guys weren't able to figure out which kit/connector/cable is needed to connect the Kontrol Z with my Ipad Air. It is ridicoulous. And to be clear: Apple are the ones to blame. A company which stated €18bn earnings for Q4 today while hardly paying any taxes and ripping people off with overpriced connectors. Having said this: I am fine to pay NI a premium for providing the complete connectivity. But I will not run around experimenting with connectors nor will I shop in the Apple store to get this basic setup up and running.