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Computer keyboard support in Battery 3

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by hammerton, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. hammerton

    hammerton New Member

    I've been wondering for a long time why I can't enter any values for the parameters in Battery 3 with my computer keyboard, neither in plugin nor in standalone mode. Is this not possible in Battery?

    The only thing I can do is change the values with the mouse and try to come as close as possible to the value I intended.
  2. Michael @ NI

    Michael @ NI NI Team NI Team


    You can do this for most of the parameters in the upcoming release of Battery 3.2 that is currently in beta. A link to the latest beta is available somewhere on this forum...

  3. hammerton

    hammerton New Member

    Ok, great! I guess I'll wait for the official release. The matter is not that urgent.