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connection between 2 mac

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by pat1540, Feb 21, 2004.

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  1. pat1540

    pat1540 NI Product Owner

    Hi everyone
    How can I connect my two mac together and synchronise rektor in stand alone ?

    cheers, pat
  2. imoteon

    imoteon Forum Member

    with an ethernet patch cable, and via OSC.
    I think It should work.
  3. gmstudio99

    gmstudio99 Forum Member

    I'm ignorant.

    What's OSC?
  4. imoteon

    imoteon Forum Member

    OSC: Open Sound Control
    it 's a language that allows applications to communicate each other.i can't tell you very more, given that i've tried that one timle only.In Reaktor, you can send from the OSC out terminal of an ensemble some values to the OSC in terminal in a ensemble of another computer.Maybe you'll find more info in the Reaktor manual.
    can not be very much precise...sorry.
    hope it helps.
  5. jmyerson

    jmyerson NI Product Owner

    use midi

    I apologize if I'm missing the context here, but you can always use Reaktor standalone on another computer by connecting a midi interface to it. Obviously you would have to set up all the controller messages, etc. But if you just want to get it so you can sequence synths, etc then this solution usually works. Depending on your setup there will most likely be some latency involved. I usually just adjust it in the track by shifting it back a few ticks.

    So basically take your main computer's midi OUT and send it to the remote computer's midi IN. In Reaktor you will need to make sure your midi setup recognizes the port. In your sequencing computer, be sure to set up a new device so that you can send the midi messages!

    Anyway, this is probably the easiest setup for sequencing purposes. But if you are trying to do more advanced programming remotely then this might not be adequate.

    Hope this helps.
  6. tymes2

    tymes2 NI Product Owner

    That's basically it. To synchronize, you need to send MTC (midi time clock) (or is it -code?) to the Reaktor mac.
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