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Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by paulie0153, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. paulie0153

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    hello there,
    can someone help me.i'm new to this forum and not sure if i,m in the right place to ask these questions?,but here goes.

    my set up:-

    2 technics 1210's.

    traktor pro 2(on a macbook pro).

    a pioneer djm 700.

    my aim:-
    to be able to control traktor and the decks through my mixer.

    my question:-
    what do i need to make all this happen?.
    obviously the decks are already working through the mixer,but what product do i need to buy in order to use traktor through the mixer as well?.
    i hope someone can me.
    many thanks.
  2. shadow23

    shadow23 NI Product Owner

    You will need a mixer that has usb, just like the attached pic

    And watch this video. Is this what sort of you are talking about controlling Traktor?

    [ame=""]Pioneer DJM-T1 introduction with DJ Jekey performance - YouTube[/ame]

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  3. paulie0153

    paulie0153 New Member

    yes thats the sort of thing i was looking a new usb mixer is the answer,damn!,i wish i knew that was the way it was going to go a few years back when i bought the mixer lol.cheers for the reply
  4. smutek

    smutek NI Product Owner

    No real need to get a USB mixer, unless you're looking for that type of change. You could get a Kontrol X1 and an Audio 2 Dj. $300 and you're in business.

    That's how I'm set up and I'm still rocking a DJM 500. I run 2 channels of Traktor on channels 1 and 3 via the Audio 2 Dj, and I run my 1200's on 2 and 4. I use the Kontrol X1 to control traktor and its effects, and all of the actual mixing is done on my Pioneer.

    Sure, it isn't the most current set up but it works well for me. My old 500 might be over ten years old but I can't quite bring myself to part with it when it still works perfectly.
  5. willisnz

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    If you are planning to still use your TT's then what smutek recommends will do the job no problem. Much cheaper to get an X1 than a whole new mixer. I am still using a DJM-500 also, which is 18 years old.
  6. shadow23

    shadow23 NI Product Owner

    That is his aim so why would he want the X1? I get what you guys are saying. It is cheaper to get the X1 but if he wants to control it through his mixer then let him. It is his aim after all.
  7. DJ Freshfluke

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    paulie, please let me know your registration email, i couldnt find any software registered under the forums email adress.