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Crackling Audio Issues

Discussion in 'General DJ Discussion' started by lewisia, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. lewisia

    lewisia New Member

    Hi. I have quite a specific problem to sort out, well it seems that way to me, maybe its common but I really need help.

    My first issue is when using my audio 4 soundcard (usb from pc) and using phono cables to go from my soundcard into my mixer, every so often I get a stutter in the audio im playing and the sound crackles and glitches, then goes back to normal.

    This makes live djing for my current setup almost an impossibility as it happens far to frequently to do any mixing. The problem happens regardless whether am I in Traktor or just playing a track using Windows media player.

    Is this a latency problem? Because I thought latency was the delay in feedback due to the connection going from your soundcard into a mixer then back to your computer.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks lewis.
  2. choonage

    choonage Forum Member

    Yes this is a latency issue. Are you sure that you have the audio 4 selected as the audio device in the audio setup options? This is an easy fix in traktor, but what worries me is that you are ALSO getting it when using windows media player in a non dj environment.

    What is your current overall MS number in traktor when you are using the audio 4? Go to the setting and increase the samples and possible usb buffer size - my guess is that your latency is just too low overall.

    To take care of your windows buffer loss, look into installing ASIO4ALL, which is a free asio driver set that might help alleviate the windows issues.
  3. lewisia

    lewisia New Member

    yh i have it selected in traktor as the audio device. the reason I have it also in WMP is because I have the channel A of my soundcard set as my default audio device of my computer. So all sound is coming out of my audio 4 rather than the default laptop soundcard. whats the ms number? also i have ASIO4ALL installed but if i select this in traktor, obviously i cannot use my soundcard.
  4. choonage

    choonage Forum Member

    Ok so just adjust your audio latency on the audio4 control panel, its too low from the sounds of it, and you are getting buffer loss (snap crackle and pops)
  5. lewisia

    lewisia New Member

    i have tried adjusting it. from its lowest. to its highest. and i still get problem. so annoying cos this laptop has a really good spec.

    Triple Core 2.40ghz, 4gb Ram. Windows 7 64Bit.
  6. pasik

    pasik NI Product Owner

    Some tutorial links how to optimize Win7 for Traktor/audio use:

    Native Instrument's tutorial to optimize windows for traktor:

    a script to shutdown extra services on win7:

    Video tutorial how to optimize win7 for traktor:

    Go through those and it should help..
  7. lewisia

    lewisia New Member

    ok mate. thanks so much for your help
  8. seanseebran

    seanseebran NI Product Owner


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