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Crash-What the hell?

Discussion in 'SPEKTRAL DELAY' started by masterhiggins, Aug 14, 2003.

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  1. masterhiggins

    masterhiggins NI Product Owner

    I've installed NI spektral Delay on my system for the 2nd time (and also installed the 1.5 update), and it keeps crashing when I click on the FILE button in standalone mode. It doesn't even just crash, it COMPLETELY freezes my system. I can't even open task manager or restart without cold-booting. It also has severe stability issues besides that. I'm running a P4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB DDRRAM, Windows XP, Matrox G550, Aardvark Q10.

    I even did a fresh wipe and re-install of the OS. I have no idea what the hell can be causing this. Also, all of my hardware drivers are completely up to date. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks.

  2. namke

    namke Forum Member

    Hey, me too!

    I've just installed XP pro on my machine (moving up from 98SE) and the second thing I installed (after Logic) was SD. When I click the 'file' button, the whole machine locks: no mouse, no keyboard, no screen updates just turn the machine off.

    I haven't yet installed the 1.5 update - I was hoping that that would fix it... obviously not :(

    My system:
    Abit BD7-II, 2.4GHz P4, 256 DDRAM, WinXP pro, Echo Gina20.

    The same machine running win98SE was fine with SD...
  3. Steffen Fuerst

    Steffen Fuerst NI Product Owner

    This bug should be fixed in 1.5. There must be something gone wrong, when you installed the update. Please verify that you start the 1.5 version in the About-Box of Spektral Delay.
  4. namke

    namke Forum Member

    Works fine ...


    Having installed the 1.5 updater, I can now confirm that SD works fine for me - in fact better than under 98SE


  5. grimley

    grimley New Member

    I too had the same problem. I was able to fix it by:
    1. Restarting the computer
    2. Launching SD
    3. Clicking System Audio Port->ASIO
    4. Setting the correct audio routing under "Audio Settings"

    The default the first time I started it up was to use "Soundcard" under audio port, which would always crash my system as soon as I clicked the File menu open.

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