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Create Filter button that applies the current playlist.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by DJ Flex I, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. DJ Flex I

    DJ Flex I NI Product Owner

    If possible, add a quick button that filters the tracks in the current list by the following criteria:
    1. BPM within +- 10%
    2. Key within +-1
    3. Track is not played yet

    This button could be placed next to the playlist title in the favorites menu. Could be some filter icon, and when pressed to highlight clear enough to give feedback that is pressed (applied) to the playlist.
  2. Vinyl Tap

    Vinyl Tap NI Product Owner

    I've suggested this before. It's a great idea.

    User configurable, Dynamic Smart Playlists.

    Where filters can be applied to a playlist relative to the currently loaded track, to filter OUT tracks in playlist that don't match the users set of conditions.
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  3. DJ Flex I

    DJ Flex I NI Product Owner

    Unfortunately the guys that develop traktor are not DJs and prefer to do unworthy features like stems and remix decks, instead of first bring us the basics, that other software have for years.