Cubase Chord Track problem - Strummed Acoustic

Discussion in 'Third-Party Sample Libraries' started by Benthered, Sep 27, 2018.

  1. Benthered

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    I'm trying to get Strummed Acoustic to follow chord tracks in Cubase. Problem is, the chord track is triggering keys switches as well as notes, changing the desired patterns. Is this something I can fix in Kontakt or fix in Cubase? The only alternative is to convert the Chord track to midi and then shift the notes up one or two octaves away from the key switches, but this is not ideal. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. FRAiM

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    Bump. Same problem. Figuring out how to program the part is only slightly more complicated than learning to actually play the part. If I could play the guitar I wouldn't need this but as I can't I do.
  3. EvilDragon

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    You could limit the range of MIDI notes that the chord track creates probably. I'm sure Cubase has that option somewhere, if nothing then through a MIDI processing plugin?
  4. elphinstone

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    The chord track has voicing options.
    There you can click the button "Configure voicing parameters". In the Custom voicing settings set at "Voicing Range" the Lowest note to C2 (up one octave).
    Have a look here: