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Cubase Elements/Ableton 10 live lite

Discussion in 'Computer Technology and Setup' started by PandoraXplorer, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. PandoraXplorer

    PandoraXplorer New Member

    Hello everyone. I hope someone patient can help me as I have spent countless frustrating hours trying to figure everything out to no avail.

    I purchased an MK3 last year and more recently an S49 Mk2. I am very new to the world of DAWs and the midi world having only every used analogue stuff in the past that you simply plugged into an amp and it worked. :) The simpler the better! But I enjoy composing so a host sequencer is an essential thing.

    I am looking for the easiest way to integrate my hardware into a DAW and have Cubase Elements LE AI 8 and Ableton live 10 lite. I thought either would have advanced host integration but am learning that is not the case? I can't even get the MK2 or MK3 browsers to come up in Ableton which I thought was now a feature and although I can get further in Cubase (having used it a bit longer and had a bit of success with an external synth in the past), I am struggling with the routing. If I make a track for the keyboard in Cubase and then a separate one for the Maschine MK3, they trigger at the same time despite giving them different midi channels...

    I admit I'm late to the game in all this and find I use the Maschine software for most projects simply because it all works but it has it's limits ie doesn't offer a change in tempo etc. Can anyone perhaps tell me what I'm doing wrong in all this?

    Many thanks!
  2. Uwe303

    Uwe303 NI Product Owner


    in cubase you set midi in then manually from all to komplete kontrol s49 midi (i "only" own a a49 but this should work similar) and the selected track is auto armed so only this one will output sound if you input some midi. You can of course manually arm several tracks, like one receive midi from maschine in midi mode, the other armed track receives midi fron s49, that way you can play both via midi through your daw. And the browser should be there as soon as you open a instance of maschine or komplete kontrol software so this should work without any issues

    Cubase midi in.jpg

    Host integreation setting should look like this but i´m not sure if it also works with cubase le\ai you can only try

    Cubase host s49.jpg

    and for ableton like this but the settings can differ in your case if you want to control and play instruments
    from maschine controler in midi mode too then you have to simply enable track and remote for maschine midi in in the table

    Ableton host transport.jpg

    here second post from d-one shows how to set host transport control with mk3 and cubase, in ableton you also just add maschine as
    mackie device

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  3. ShelLuser

    ShelLuser NI Product Owner

    Late response but hey... I just recently started looking into this place again.

    So you got a Maschine controller and the N.I. midi keyboard (I know it's a bit more than that but for the sake of simplicity...).

    First things first... If you're just starting out then my strong suggestion is to invest into a foundation on which you can build your work. Meaning: don't go for the Lite versions but get yourself something you can work with. This won't come cheap, it will be an investment, but thankfully pretty much all major DAW brands have a very lenient upgrade policy. If you buy into the full version then you can upgrade at a huge discount.

    I'm (obviously) biased in favor of Live & Reason but honestly: any DAW which you feel comfortable with will do. This isn't about what people consider "best" but this is what you consider the best for your work. And although a Lite version should not be underestimated (I've been here myself) I still strongly suggest to get yourself a full version. Because that will come with many advantages.

    For starters... You'd be using 2 sound engines (probably more but..). Meaning: you'd rely on N.I.'s products but also work with whatever the DAW of your choice has to offer. And versatility is usually the name of the game.

    It would seem your problems mostly concern how to use the DAW of your choice.

    In the end what you got are midi controllers. Meaning that they'll sent in midi data to your DAW which will then process said data. How depends on what you tell it to do.

    Being a rather die hard Live user I know exactly why you got the results you mentioned.. your problem is two fold:


    See what I mean? If you add a midi track to Live then it will receive midi from all your devices. That is... all devices which you also set up as an instrument, and you do that by enabling the "track" option in the Link/MIDI section:


    Here is my MIDI setup in Ableton Live, notice how my Casio keyboard as well as the MPD24 both have 'Track' on? This means that if I have a midi track as shown above (which defaults to accepting midi from all inputs) then both my Casio keyboard and my MPD24 will trigger that track as soon as I start playing them. This is why Live has has the I/O section (press control-alt-i to hide/display) where you can control this.

    No offense intended but your issue is not being familiar enough yet with your DAW of choice.

    Hope this can help :)