Cue Type Selector mapping problems

Discussion in 'Archive' started by radiokrishna, May 2, 2018.

  1. radiokrishna

    radiokrishna NI Product Owner

    1. Open Settings > Controller Manager > Default Traktor Kontrol X1 mk2 mapping.
    2. Map Add in... > Track Deck > Cue > Cue Type Selector for Left HotCue 2.
    3. Select Interaction Mode: Direct; Override factory map: Off; Set to value: Load.
    So, it's done. Than:
    4. Click HotCue 2 on X1 device twise (it will become yellow).
    5. Click HotCue 3 on X1 device (normal behavior).
    6. Click Shift + HotCue 2 on X1 device... HotCue 2 deleted as expected, BUT... HotCue 3 became Yellow (Load type)!!! Why HotCue 3?! It has no relation with Cue Type Selector in this case.
    It is clearly mapped for the Left.HotCue 2 only.
  2. frankle

    frankle NI Product Owner

    Change cue type mapping has been broken for many years, I too would like this fixed so I can make a dedicated preparation mapping for my X1mk2
  3. Sûlherokhh

    Sûlherokhh NI Product Owner

    Still making trouble.
    I would like to add that the cue type assignment only works as it was meant in direct button mode. Inc/Dec is broken. Also Knob/Fader assignments for scrolling through available types don't work at all.