D2 any updates with new Traktor?

Discussion in 'KONTROL D2' started by djrobot123, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. djrobot123

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    hi there,
    im putting together a live hybrid setup and am interested in the D2 to cover my use of remix decks in the setup? has the new Traktor added any further functionality to the D2 ? all I can find is old videos...I just wondered as its now technically an " archive product" wether you could run 4 remix decks from one D2? if not what's the best product I should get to handle this? cheers for any help
  2. ErikMinekus

    ErikMinekus NI Product Owner

    No, there is no new functionality in Traktor 3 for the old controllers.
    Yes, you can control 4 remix decks with one D2, but you will quickly get tired of switching between decks.