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    A quick update on our Summer of Sound sale, which went live earlier this week. While the sale has already been active both on our website and with retailers worldwide, we felt that it was not the right time to do any marketing around it. We felt that there were more important voices and messages that needed to be heard during this time.

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DANG it momma, that's one ugly baby!

Discussion in 'ABSYNTH' started by gmstudio, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. gmstudio

    gmstudio NI Product Owner

    What happened to Absynth's interface for 3.0? That's hideous. Sorry...just my opinion, I know, and I know that doesn't mean squat.

    And, yes, sound should matter more than looks, but fer Christsakes...that looks like something somebody whipped up in Pluggo!

    I'm sure it sounds great, and I'm sure you'll sell tons of upgrades, but, jeeze...I just couldn't let this go without saying something...
  2. tubaman

    tubaman NI Product Owner

    I have to say I had the exact same reaction. One of the many unique things about Absynth is it's look. It's enough to make me not want to upgrade. And did they add anything useful?
  3. jammerlappen

    jammerlappen New Member

  4. andrew_m

    andrew_m NI Product Owner

    Hah... Yeh. Very ugly indeed. NI, what where you thinking? :)

    Hopefully they have a classic (current), and new skin option, though doubtful.
  5. Spirit

    Spirit Forum Member

    I think it's OK. But then I hate the current interface. Looks like some cheap sci-fi ripoff. The new one just looks like plate of slime.
  6. dreamkeeper

    dreamkeeper NI Product Owner

    The sound is what matters, yeah, but exactly for some software like Absynth the look of the interface at least shouldn't confuse the user. It's complex enough to operate anyway! But hopefully they just layered some weird image over the interface only for presentation purposes and the final look isn't ready at all...

    I would like to get some more info about the details of envelope handling. Can I copy and paste portions of an envelope, can I transform portions, can I merge envelopes? Also: is modulation of fractalisation available for all waveforms and not only for oscil (I'd like to use it for lfo waves in order to produce evolving "patterns")? How about random lfo? Noise? Details about the new effects (I consider Aby's effects not only a gimmick but an integral part of sound generation)? Will that crappy bank handling be changed, at least a sorting feature? Can I access more than 9 midi-cc with the sliders and the host automation? Why are the main effect settings like time, resonance and filter still not accessible in the patch window?

    Many questions - to me it seems a bit like a declaration of intent rather than a ready product - when is it supposed to be released? Next month? We'll wait and see! And last not least: will there be any further bugfixes for Absynth 2, or do we have to pay for fixes (by upgrading)?

    just my 2 cents

    PS: I don't care about surround!
    PPS: All the stuff not mentioned above is great imho!
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