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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TELT, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. TELT

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    Its a great shame that NI are now following Microsoft's shady example, and tracking your data. I thought the music world would be immune to this type of nonsense.

    I'm not down with it. I've removed all NI products from my studio, and wont be using them again until NI stops this BS.
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  2. Paule

    Paule NI Product Owner

    This can be switch on or off in the software.
    Or do you mean Native Access?
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  3. ShelLuser

    ShelLuser NI Product Owner

    Just as with Microsoft products you can turn the whole thing on and off on a per product basis. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to use this stuff offline.

    The real nonsense here is being over jealous about these issues, especially since you can turn this aspect off. And I can't help wonder if you, OP, actually understand the whole thing. Sending diagnostics data doesn't necessarily imply tracking in the sense which most advertisers do.

    The real important thing here are the license agreements which tell you what N.I. can and cannot do with your data. Oh, and on that note: you do realize that N.I.'s head office resides in the wonderful city of Berlin? This automatically implies they're located within the EU. Which in its turn means that there are some very strict privacy regulations which N.I. has to follow, otherwise they'd be in violation of an international (European) law which could seriously hurt them.

    This is coming from someone who also actually read the Windows 10 license agreements, who has compared the (default) privacy settings of a Windows phone with that of an iPhone (you'd be surprised there) and who can be more of a privacy nut than you OP because.... so how many freebies did you grab online? So many companies out there who advertise with "free" stuff, but when you want to download the critter "all" you have to do is give them your e-mail address and some other personal details.

    If you want to talk about privacy intrusion then those are far more better targets. Because... if they want your e-mail address in return for a "free" instrument then that instrument is not free. I'm the nutjob who, from time to time, reminds people about that simple concept whenever something "cool" is available from a "well known and "respectful"" company.

    So yeah... coming from someone who also actually read the NI license agreements I can only say that I deem this thread trollbait. Which is also why I disliked it. See... if you're so worried about N.I. tracking you, then why create yet another NI account? :rolleyes:
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  4. MorgaLee

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    I don't think it's such a big deal. NI still has fantastic service. Due to the current climate, I wrapped all my presents early and into boxes. 3 for Dublin/Meath & 1 for London. NI Parcels rates were brilliant. Collected the next day from my house, the Dublin and London ones arrived the following day. One did go on a bit of a tour, but Chelsea at NI parcels was relentless in getting it sorted, keeping in touch without me even having to contact her. Besides NI, I also use newgistics tracking. They are my favorites. I will use these in the future and would recommend them to anyone.
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  5. D-One

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    For the record tracking how someone uses software only inside that very software to make it better is very different from tracking your private messages, posts, searches like Facebook, Google, and messaging apps do so they can shove ads in our faces... Completely different and as Paule mentioned it's optional, we can just turn it off.
  6. augustus44

    augustus44 NI Product Owner

    I also agree NI tracks your data but not for the same purpose as Microsoft.

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