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Daw integration issue

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by Bijay Tamang, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. Bijay Tamang

    Bijay Tamang New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I recently purchased Komplete Kontrol A-49 and got a native ID while I have the komplete 12 ultimate from different native Id and I am also using logic pro x. Does that make any different with daw integration?

    And while I am using Komplete Kontrol keyboard with logic pro, it records but there’s no output or I cant hear the recorded track and theres no volume level meter and many features are actually missing from Daw itself?

  2. MyStudioOne

    MyStudioOne NI Product Owner

    Hey there.

    Question 1: Shouldn't matter I think.
    Q2: Komplete Kontrol plugin and keyboard don't fudge around with your DAW. I don't use Logic, but presumably you just need to properly set up your bus routing, inputs/outputs and perhaps turn on the missing layers until you can see everything what you want to see.
  3. Jeremy @ NI

    Jeremy @ NI Support Team NI Team

    You should check the Komplete Kontrol application in standalone first, check that everything is functional and well setup, then open it in Logic.